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The JP109 is an advanced water ionizer to the
Melody made by the same manufacturers

Computer Controlled Smart Ionization
One-Touch Operation
Alarm Signal Messaging
Digital Filter Change Indicator



All information contained herein is not intended in any way as medical advice. Testimonials are given by people who wish to share their experiences and are solely for information purposes. This should not be considered medical advice.

"My friend had terrible pain and swelling from an abcess in her mouth. I took her patches which she put on the instep of her feet. After two hours the poisons from her abcess started going away, the swelling went down and her nose reappeared, and the pain subsided. The Fountainhead Chi Detox Patches are really a brilliant product. I am also very happy with the water ionizer which I bought from you a few years ago - it is still going extremely well." Johannesburg

A Terminal Cancer Survivor’s Reasons for Choosing the Jupiter JP109 Alphion Ionized Alkaline Water Filter

“When I was first diagnosed with stage IV Cancer, I felt that I had a healthier lifestyle than most Americans.  I didn’t eat a lot of junk food or consume food with lots of chemicals.

After an initial series of chemotherapy treatments, I moved my healthy regime up several notches determined to beat cancer by eating raw foods, taking supplements, juicing carrots, wheatgrass, etc.  My health improved for a while but then took a major nose-dive.

I tried to gut out long periods with fevers as high as 105.4 degrees plus night and day sweats.  Endless days of illness forced me to return to the standard medical route.

Three years of the standard AMA treatment for Non-Hodgkins T-Cell Lymphoma brought me to the point that I was diagnosed once again with Stage IV Cancer … this time the doctors said it was terminal.

With no hope from the medical profession and considering my former failures with alternative approaches, my prospects for survival were grim.

I knew my immune system severely compromised, my body filled with chemotherapy toxins and strength wasted I had very few resources left to rebuild my health.  Plus I was financially devastated after 3 years of cancer.

If my previous attempts with superfoods,juices and supplements had failed … returning to the same regime from THIS deficit didn’t look promising.  I went back to my former high raw food diet regime, additionally, I looked for products that would turbo charge my efforts.  I didn’t have timeto test health products which may or may not live up to marketing “hype”.  I searched products with substantiated results.

During my search, I discovered the Jupiter JP109 Alphion Ionzied Alkaline Water Filter.  It met and exceeded my criteria for a product that would help me in my cancer recovery.

I didn’t have to guess if this water ionizer would be beneficial to my health …the Korean Ministry of Health has pronounced the Jupiter JP109 Alphion to be an approved Medical Device in Korea.  Unfortunately only enlightened American health professionals know about the wonderful benefits of the ionized water it produces.

Drinking ionized alkaline water was one of the few effortless parts of my Cancer battle plan .. because of the unique properties of alkaline water it naturally flushes toxins and removes acidic waste while boosting my immune system.  Since the alkaline water dealt with toxins and waste, my body’s resources were free to focus on rebuilding my health.

Before, I was trying to alkalize my body with just food, juices and supplements … alkaline water turbo-charged my efforts.  Drinking alkaline water is one of the fastest and easiest ways to achieve and maintain a healthy alkaline body pH.

Please don’t get me wrong…Ionized Alkaline Water isn’t the only thing I did to recover from terminal cancer.  I threw everything I could at cancer.  If you are facing a threatening disease, I recommend the same course of action.

I feel the Jupiter JP109 Alphion alkaline water ionizer played a crucial role in my successful cancer assault.”

Courtesy of Dave Perkins



“In December 1986 I was introduced to a water ionizer by a friend of mine in Virginia.  She told me that the alkaline water form this ionizer would lower my blood pressure, if I drank 5 cups of it daily.  In those days I was taking 20mg of Vasotec a day to maintain my blood pressure at around 140/90.   Vasotec was my third kind of blood pressure pill.  The doctor had to change my blood pressure pills twice because of different kinds of side effects.  I never liked the idea of having totake any pills “for the rest of my life”.  That’s what the doctor told me when he initially prescribed the blood pressure pills for me.

My friend didn’t know exactly why the blood pressure would come down except for the fact that she knew it worked for many people.  Trusting her sincerity and knowing she was a registered nurse, I bought the ionizer and started to drink high pH alkaline water.  As I was drinking the alkaline water I monitored my blood pressure.  I reduced the amount of Vasotec gradually as the blood pressure started to come down.  After six weeks, I stopped taking Vasotec altogether.  My blood pressure came down to 130/85 without my pills.

In the mean time, over a period of two years, I lost about 20 pounds without any special diets or excercises.  Lately I am noticing that my eye sight is improving.”

Sang Wang, Miami – engineer and authro of “Reverse the Effects of Aging”  


“We installed the best filter on the market several years ago, however, after reading up on water water ionizer does in removing all toxins from one’s system, I ordered one, Oct. 1987.

My husband has high uric acid and is a diabetic which causes gouty arthritis.  His hands, fingers, knees, actually all of his joints caused him great pain, preventing him from playing golf and some times even getting around.  Now he is mainly free of pain which he feels is all due to his drinking ionized water. He claims he can’t live without it.

I, on the other hand have hypertension, high blood.  I swear by this water.  My coffee tastes better, cocktails taste better and I feel better.  Amy my 12 year old grand daughter has completely cleared her face of pimples by using the astringent side on the face daily.  It’s like magic.

This machine, I would guarantee any one, will keep them healthy and out of the doctor’s office.  It’s fantastic and a treasured machine in our kitchen.”

Mrs G Sirhal of Fort Lauderdale, Florida


“I have recently introduced the water ionizer to my entire family.  What I found to be wonderful is that all those members who did not feel inspired to drink water before have now become water babies.

My mother who started the day with a cup of coffee and never thought to drink anything during the day, never drank water and has high blood pressure, is now drinking away, can’t get enough and is looking forward to her next blood pressure test when she gives blood to see the improvement she believes will be there.

Our other halves -my husband and father both go armed to work with their 1½ liter bottles of ionized water – nothing else will do!  My father jokes that he is glowing like a light bulb!

My sister who is pregnant and has a bakery in a small town she just couldn’t drink the water out the tap after they found 2 dead men in the reservoir.  She now drinks like a fish and has found it gives her real energy.

I used to drink countless cups of coffee for energy and now drink only the ionized water and have found that my skin glows, I have plenty of energy and require less sleep.

We also use the acidic water and spray our faces, gargle with and water the plants.  I watered some indoor alpine flowers with the acidic water and phenomenally the usually light pink flowers turned to a fabulous violet and has since got so many buds it can barely fit in the pot.

What is great is that non water drinkers are completely converted to drinking ionized water - nature’s medicine, simply because we know it’s the best and it tastes great.

You don’t have to wait for an illness before drinking ionized water.”

Florence Niemann – The Fountainhead (Pty) Ltd

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