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The JP109 is an advanced water ionizer to the
Melody made by the same manufacturers

Computer Controlled Smart Ionization
One-Touch Operation
Alarm Signal Messaging
Digital Filter Change Indicator  

  • Automation controlled by advanced Micom circuit.
  • Reduced mineral deposits using DARC system.
  • Alarm message in case of low flux.
  • Alarm message and ionization disabled during hot water inflow.
  • Exact calculation of filter durability with Flux control.
  • Extended range of pH selection and control.
  • Filtration of diverse pollutants and microorganisms using high-quality filter.
  • Calcium may be added through an exterior opening, extending the range of pH selection.
    (optional 0.01M hollow filter membrane)
  • Flux control and inbuilt on-off valve, making exterior valve unnecessary
  • Automatic flow reversal system.
  • Elegant design.
  • Silver coated active carbon filtration.
  • Easy Filter Replacement.
  • Under sink installation possible using under sink conversion kit.

Are you suffering from Asthma, arthritis, allergies, hyperacidity, indigestion, gas, nausea, osteoporosis, cholesterol, circulatory problems, high blood pressure, migraines, obesity, morning sickness, menstrual irregularities?  
Lack of drinking sufficient and good water may be your problem.  Drinking ionized, alkaline water has been shown to improve all the above conditions.

Pathway To Health and Wellness

High in the mountains of Hunza in the Himalayas of Pakistan, there are a people that live to well over one hundred years old, active, without disease and in exceptionally good health and with amazing longevity.

There are four other places on earth known to have similar properties where its peoples live healthily to well over one hundred years. They are Vilcamba in Equador, Georgia in Russia, one in Mongolia and one in Peru. The peoples in these five places all have different diets, but the one thing they do have in common - they all drink a similar type of water.

Alkaline Water

This alkaline water is different to the water that we drink. It contains ions, has a different boiling point, freezing point, viscosity, surface tension and can enter the cells three times faster. All found in the streams of these mountain enclaves. "What is this alkaline water that can make people so healthy? Where can we get this water? Can we go to these places and bring some back?" Unfortunately, it won't do us much good because in a container the ions will only last a few days.

Water Ionisers

However in Asia, they have been making water ionisers for more than thirty years with full approval of the Japanese and Korean ministries of health. Ionisers have been tested and approved by independent laboratories to FDA standards, and are now sold freely in the US, UK markets and now South Africa.  The first units were too large and expensive, but over the past five years there has been tremendous advances in technology, so that now many households can afford their own ioniser.

Tumbling Waters of Mountain Streams and Waterfalls

The objective of water ionizers is simple. It is to duplicate, from ordinary tap water, the natural tumbling waters of mountain streams and waterfalls, which give negatively charged ions, which increases alkalinity. All of us have noticed how beautiful the air is after a thunderstorm, and how invigorating the air is to breathe in. This is because the air has been charged with negative ions. In much the same way, negative ions in the water you drink are also invigorating.


The JP109 is our newest design that incorporates the new DARC cleaning system. DARC stands for Double Automatic Reverse Cleaning. DARC is better than other systems because it uses pistons to automatically reverse the flow of water. This ensures that the water pump in the machine produces consistent flow and allows the machine to clean itself more efficiently.

Other models use a reversing motor to clean the system and this causes more wear on the motor and results in a less efficient cleaning cycle.

The JP109 may be used together with the special Biostone filter that is different because it is made with ceramic impregnated with tourmaline. Tourmaline produces low voltage positive ions which helps the machine to ionize the water and helps to keep the filter from growing microbes.

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Jupiter JP109 Alphion Water Ionizer
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