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Nutritional Supplement for the mind and spirit


“Etherium Gold is a product well suited to individuals beginning
to open to higher consciousness, self-healing and a path of spiritual transformation”

Dr Richard Gerber, MD , Author of Vibrational Medicine

How it works Research &

Etherium Gold
… does it all! "This elusive substance defies orthodox science and medicine - it not only has superconducting properties which transcend time and space, but it is capable of raising human consciousness and restoring perfect health" quote from Nexus Magazine.

"My ten year old son Alex has been suffering from ADHD since he was a tiny child. He was practically born running! Needless to say, his hyper-activity drove me insane … He has now been taking one Etherium Gold capsule a day (morning) for almost a year now and the effect has been nothing short of miraculous. He is considerably calmer (not a drugged stupor like with the Ritalin) and most importantly, he is doing phenomenally well in school. His spelling, although still difficult, has improved drastically and he received the highest scores in his class on his SAT's science exam.”
JS London England (See Etherium Research & Testimonials for more info)


Consuming Etherium Gold allows for spiritual integration and heightened sensory awareness. It helps facilitate the light-body connection and expands our awareness of and accessibility to higher universal information. Etherium Gold helps us to clear away outdated thought patterns and emotions. It produces energy fields compatible with the creative forces that transform energy into matter so it assists us in attracting what we want, and avoiding what we don’t want, thereby reducing the time required to manifest our needs and desires on the physical plane.

Reported Benefits of taking the sacred white powder:

  • Left/Right Brain Balance
  • Improved Learning ability
  • Learn faster with less stress
  • Spiritual Connection
  • Decrease in Negative Emotions & Thought Patterns
  • Heightened Intuitive Abilities
  • Increased Positive Emotions & Thought Patterns
  • Enhanced Mental Clarity and Focus
  • Positive Influence on Chakra System
  • Profound Meditation. Powerful Visualisation
  • Greater Sense of Oneness. Joy and Inner Peace
  • Greater Ability to Cope with Stressful Situations
  • Increased Vibrancy. Health and Physical Stamina
  • Increased Creativity and right Brain Activity
  • Quicker Resolution of Emotional Issues
  • Increase in Synchronistic Events
  • Enhanced or Lucid Dreams
  • Accelerated Manifesting
Etherium Gold is a naturally occurring trace mineral containing precious elements thought to be used in ceremony by ancient cultures to advance initiates into higher states of consciousness. The specific composition of minerals in Etherium Gold produces an electromagnetic pattern equal to the forces of creation that transform energy into matter. When consuming a substance bearing the fingerprint of creation our energy (thoughts and emotions) becomes more coherent, and therefore more powerful.

Etherium Gold makes thoughts more coherent. When our thoughts are more coherent, they are more focused. When the energy field is more focused it transmutes into physical reality more rapidly and with greater efficiency than previously accustomed. The electro-magnetic wave pattern of Etherium Gold is very similar to the wave pattern created when energy transmutes into matter.

Greater coherence of brain wave activity may be understood by examining the difference between the coherent light of lasers and the incoherent light of a candle. When light waves are induced to move in step, as in a laser beam, the amplification of energy is tremendous. Increased coherence of brain wave activity may reflect similar changes in the more coherent and directed application of mind energy. This phenomenon may be experienced as an increase in serendipity or incidents of coincidence in our lives.

Clinical biofeedback analysis shows Etherium Gold produces greater interplay between right and left hemispheres of the brain, similar to patterns produced by long-term mediators. Beta dominant patterns become more alpha, and alpha dominant patterns become more beta. Harmonization of brain wave activity has been associated with stress relief, improved ability to learn, improved concentration and increased creativity.

The introduction of Etherium Gold will strengthen the connection to your Higher Self, opening channels of communication to your own inner knowledge, intuition and guidance.

Supplements for the spirit strengthen and balance the energy fields of the body, allowing and integration of mind, body, and spirit to occur.

See the Etherium Testiomonials for detailed information

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