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Product and price List
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On-Line Specials:
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Winter Special of Heat Detox Patches, Healing Bath salt, Nutritive Body Lotion and CardioFlow

Heat patches warm up poor winter blood circulation. Healing bath increases healing by a third for colds and flu. Nutritive Body Lotion gives dry skin great hydration and the benefits of magnesium. CardioFlow pomegranate extracts is anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. Save R86.00
These products are available for purchase in store at pharmacies, health shops and health/beauty hydros as well as here online:
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FluFix Cough & Cold Formula

Rapidly Improves cough, fever, sore throat, fatigue and weakness
(R166.14 excl ex. VAT)

FluFix Healing Bath Salts

Accelerates healing time, helps to ease, migraines, headaches, sinus and chest congestion
(R96.49 excl ex. VAT)

Flufix Cough Syrup

Rapidly improves the typical symptoms associated with a cough and sore throat.
(R96.49 excl ex. VAT)

Whole Body Tonic

(R138.85 excl ex. VAT)

Fountainhead Memoregain

Extracts of Cistanche Tubulosa for brain function

R260.00 (R228.07 excl ex. VAT)
Fountainhead Nutritive Body Lotion

Contains 10% magnesium. Excellent for energy, healing, sports, pregnancy
R99.95 (R87.67 excl ex. VAT)
Fountainhead Reflexology Mat

Stimulate reflexes a few minutes daily to enjoy benefits of reflexology.
R135.00 (R118.42 ex. VAT)
Fountainhead Chi Detox Patches
Removes body toxins through feet leaving you feeling clean and energized

R209.00 (R183.33 ex. VAT)
for 1 box of 10
Discount for larger quantities

Fountainhead Heat Detox Patches

Warming pigments heat up naturally. Great for pain relief.
R209.00 (R183.33 ex. VAT)
for 1 box of 10
Discount for larger quantities

Fountainhead CardioFlow
Pomegranate Dietary Supplement

Pomegranate is well researched for its positive effects on heart health and as a superior anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer.
R145.00 (R127.20 ex. VAT)
Fountainhead Healing Bath

Detoxifying, Energizing, Healing, Nourishing, Pain Relief, Calming
R60.00 (R52.63 ex. VAT) per box
Discount for larger quantities

Fountainhead Detox Gift Pack

Detox patches and the magensium sulphate cystals work syngergistically for better detoxification.
R240.00 (R210.53 ex. VAT)
Fountainhead Upliftment Spray

Protects you from electromagnetic radiation and clears stagnant energy.
R118.00 (R103.51 ex. VAT)
These products are only available for purchase online:
(click on a picture or text name for information, or "Buy Now" button to buy online)

Neutralizies toxic chemicals and balances body's energy field.
(60 Capsules)
R299.00 (R262.28 ex. VAT)
Etherium Gold

Balances Left and Right Hemispheres of the brain.
(60 vegetarian Capsules)
R299.00 (R262.28 ex. VAT)
Chamae Rose Black Walnut

Enhances cleansing of liver (parasites/candida in blood)
R299.00 (R262.28 ex. VAT)

Best all round SuperFood supplement
(90 vegetarian Capsules)
R235.00 (R206.14 ex. VAT)
Camu Camu

30 x more natural Vitamin C than oranges. Delivery the way nature intended.
(60 vegetarian Capsules)
R260.00 (R228.07 ex. VAT)
MSM Ester C

The best MSM. Preserves collagen protein.
(90 vegetarian Capsules)
R235.00 (R206.14 ex. VAT)
Colloidal Defense

Assists immune function. Stimulates T-cell production.
R299.00 (R262.28 ex. VAT)
Colloidal DNA Boost

Slows Cellular Degeneration. Nurtures healthy DNA pattern.
R638.00 (R559.65 ex. VAT)

body oxygenator that cleanses wastes, pathogens, and plaque in the GI tract.
R275.00 (R241.23 ex. VAT)
For 60 capsules

R520.00 (R456.14 ex. VAT)
For 180 capsules
Oxygen Elements Plus™

A concentration of of 78 trace elements, 34 enzymes, 18 essential amino acids and dissolved oxygen.
R292.95 (R256.97 ex. VAT)
For 30ml

Blood oxygenator. Excellent for energy production, asthma, smokers, to prevent jet lag
R190.00 (R166.67 ex. VAT)
For 70ml
The Alphion Water Ionizer

The world's best water filtration device.
R6999.00 (R6139.47 ex. vat)
Replacement Filter R750.00

Effective Candia Defense
R750.00 (R657.99 ex. VAT)
For 60 packets

The Fountainhead

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