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All information contained herein is not intended in any way as medical advice. Testimonials are given by people who wish to share their experiences and are solely for information purposes. This should not be considered medical advice. The testimonials, as we have just began marketing these products locally, are from the UK and USA. We do however, look forward to updating this section and including local  feedback.

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Comments: I received ThreeLac in the mail on Saturday 11/30/02 and immediately took 2 packets by mouth. I have been suffering with l Candida overgrowth for several months and like others tried many medications and creams. None worked permanently and my symptoms eventually came back. I often wondered if something else was wrong or was I treating the wrong problem. I ran across your ad surfing the net looking for a solution for my candida problem. Well let me tell you, after taking the initial 2 doses on Saturday my symptoms are gone! In fact just today I realized that I don't have burning, itching, or any l dryness. I immediately took another 2 packets for security but I think my problem is solved. May I also add that I had a rash on top on my hands which I thought was latex glove allergy (I work as a nurse) and my hands are much better. Some of the itching and burning I have been experiencing is relieved and my hands appear to be healing. Thank you so much for sharing your product with me!

Comments: WOW! I am so excited to share my experience using ThreeLac. I have a long-standing back injury and nerve disease that can be extremely painful. The great news is that since I have started using ThreeLac, my recovery time has shortened significantly when I inflame my back. Even simple exercise causes my back to "flare up" and then my nerve disease reacts and "goes wild." It can affect my thought processing, my eyesight, and my motor function along with being very painful. I have been taking HGH at Night during the day to ease the pain during these flare ups and have experienced great relief. The difference is that since taking ThreeLac, the inflammation in my back lasts only a few hours to a day, rather than several days! Thus, the amount of reaction from my nerve disease has also decreased significantly. I knew that I had a lot of Candida that I needed the ThreeLac for, but I didn't realize what a tremendous difference it would make in these other areas.

I am so thankful to God for a body that will heal and so thankful for products that nourish my body to enable it to do so! To all of you, NEVER give up hope no matter what you are told! I feel better than I have in years!

Comments: Your new product ThreeLac will be one of the most exciting products yet. I am finding a great need to get rid of Candida problems for so many, many clients who have been so used to antibiotics in the past that Candida is a major problem in America.

A client of mine used Nystatin for eleven months, and I still found two types of Candida and four types of Aspergillus. After she had taken ThreeLac two times daily for eleven days, I found no Candida or Aspergillus. She had no side effects and she stopped her Nystatin cold turkey on her own with not a problem. Earlier she had tried cutting back slowly and always had to return to her regular dose.

Comments: I had candida for many years. Last year it got so bad that I was in bed for two months, hardly able to function. I went to five or six doctors and had a lot of tests done at a cost of $10,000. They found nothing. Finally, one doctor put me on Nystatin. It covered up my symptoms but didn't get rid of the candida. I was supposed to be on it for two to six months, but got severely sick whenever I tried to wean myself off it. I was told to never go off Nystatin "cold turkey" or I would get candida back three times as bad. I took Nystatin for 11 months.

I started taking ThreeLac on April 30, 2002. I took myself off Nystatin "cold turkey," and never felt sick or had adverse reactions. Eleven days later the candida was completely GONE! I feel better than I have in years. My husband and my son will be taking ThreeLac as soon as possible.

ThreeLac is very easy to take, and it tasted fine! I took ThreeLac twice a day, once in the morning and then about 12 hours later.

Comments: I have suffered with the side effects of candida for years, the overeating as a result of food cravings, dry skin, depression, tiredness, etc. I tried the very restrictive diet recommended by some books I read, however I found this difficult to fit in with any kind of family or social life. In desperation, I was surfing the internet for some advice and came across an American review of Threelac which sounded too good to be true. After some more research I found the product was available at The Finchley Clinic, so I ordered some to try along with Oxygen Elements Plus.  I thought it was quite expensive, but then so is overeating !! I have now been using these products for almost 4 months. Apart from an occasional bad day, the food cravings have disappeared, my skin is much better and I am no longer tired and depressed. As a bonus I have lost almost 2 and a half stone.  

Comment: I would just like to tell you that after taking threelac for over two weeks I can't believe how well I feel, I have suffered for years with urinary tract infections and lethargy and it has bought me to tears many times. While my eczema has not gone I can't believe how much energy I have and have no symptoms of thrush or cystitis so far. I am a recently new student nurse and the extra energy could not have come at a better time. Its been brilliant so far thanx.

Comment: This Threelac stuff is amazing - my lactose intolerance is SO much better since I started taking it last month - I can eat butter and cheese without coming out in a rash... cool! Doctor insisted it had nothing to do with yeast. Cheers.

Comment: I have been trying to rid myself of candiasis for years. I have a patch of skin on my foot which has been described as eczema, psoriasis, athlete's foot, lichen planus, lichen simplex, and several others.

I read several years ago about a Professor Crook I think his name was, and his theory that such allergies and ailments are caused by overgrowth of candida in the gut. I read everything I could on the internet, and went to see a lady called Rosemary Heddle at the Ashford Clinic of Complementary Medicine. She has a machine called a Vegi something, and she gets you to hold an instrument in one hand whilst she does readings. I went a total sceptic, and came out a convert to alternative medicines. Her theory is to omit all of the irritants and treat the body with homeopathic remedies. This is fine in theory, but is impossible in real everyday life, especially as preparing food is my occupation. I often go through the web to see if anything has been found to conquer candida albicans, and I think Threelac may well be the answer. My skin condition has in the past few months got severely worse, spreading to my limbs, and since taking threelac for a week or more, one patch has almost disappeared and I live in hope for the others. Anyway, just to let you have a bit of feedback on your product and I will keep you posted. As one who has tried all sorts of cures, I think I may be at the end of the search. One day doctors will realise that steroid and cortisone creams are only cover ups for the real problems, and they may even admit that candida albicans is a real problem. All they do is prescribe topical ointments which thin and burn and scar the skin instead of getting to the real root of the problem. With kindest regards,
Comment: Just to place another order for Threelac. It is working and now I have cut down to one a day. I think for people who have very acute candida overgrowth six a day is probably the measure, lowering it after a month to three, then two, then one. One a day at the beginning just can't combat the yeast. It is expensive initially but then, if it works, it's worth it!! I also think that what is referred to as "irritable bowel syndrome" would benefit from Threelac, as this is probably another name for candidiasis. I do genuinely feel better, I do have an under active thyroid, etc., but I am now feeling better than I have for some years. Thank you.

Comment: At the beginning of the year I began to suffer from recurrent thrush. Being in my 40's this was not a problem that I had experienced with any regularity since my 20's. I didn't feel happy about the continued use of the normal pessary treatment and I really wasn't ready for a solution that would entail the use of long-term oral medication. I knew that Candida conditions were linked to various internal imbalances so I felt that a more natural approach must be available. I toyed with the idea of a sugar-free diet, which I knew from previous investigations could produce dramatic results, but let's face it who wants to live without sugar! Well, I certainly didn't. So after much surfing on the Internet I came across the Three Lac product. I decided to start on 2 packets a day and within a few days I felt a difference! But I must say that the greatest improvement came at just short of two months of using the product.  I have now been using Three Lac for almost 3 months and I have not had any recurrence of thrush during that time. I have felt the odd "twinge" but it has always subsided and if I feel worried that thrush may develop then I just take an extra packet for that day. It's likely that the results would be even better for someone who would be willing to have the minimum amount of sugar in their diet, but the important thing is that it's worked for me and that I haven't had to make any dramatic lifestyle changes.  I recommend Three Lac wholeheartedly.

I suffer from a candida yeast infection and as a result experience indigestion problems, severe bloating & wind, a constant sore stomach, constipation and skin rashes. I used Three Lac about 5 months ago and felt better after only a couple of days of using it. I actually had a 'nice' feeling in my stomach, which I hadn't experienced in years.  Once I completed the course of Three Lac I tried to maintain it by going on a low-yeast diet, which, if you've ever tried, is very hard to maintain. Especially over the summer where lots of good food and wine is consumed. The last month has now been unbearable for me with my symptoms at an all time worse. The last time I brought Three Lac I could only buy it from the US, so I tried alternative products that were available in Health Stores here in the UK. Unfortunately nothing has worked as well as Three Lac and I was happy to find that Three Lac is now available from distributors here in the UK and I hope to receive my order tomorrow and start feeling better.

I received my order of Threelac + Oxygen Elements Plus yesterday and am pleased to report that I woke up this morning without the abdominal bloating that has been an almost permanent feature for me lately. This is marvellous and very encouraging. I took the Threelac 3 times, in addition to 3 doses (7 drops each) of Oxygen Elements Plus. Thank you for the prompt delivery. Best regards.

Regarding threelac, I have just started taking it and am very surprised to find that it is very good for digestion and leaves a very healthy feeling afterwards in the stomach and bowels. This was just after starting my first dose. Previously, I have tried natural digestive remedies, raw ginger, lemons etc, but was never satisfied on the long term, and it seemed that my digestive ability had reached 'old age'. With threelac, I have some hope. On performing the simple test for candida/harmful bacteria in the stomach/gut, I found I have a high level, but have hope now with threelac.

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