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Seaweed Blood Oxygenator, enables greater use of oxygen in lungs

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Oxy-Moxy contains no oxygen itself but each 70ml bottle can provide you with as much additional oxygen as you’d get from a cylinder of medical oxygen – every day for two months.  For more information on why oxygen is so important to our bodies please see the Introduction to Oxygen Therapies.

Dr Chaplan who founded En Garde company, had a daughter who worked in a hospital.  When patients were brought in with gas poisoning they were given an injection to allow their lungs to process the oxygen they were still breathing, but not able to utilise because of the poison.  Dr Chaplan looked at the structure of the drug and then searched for something similar in nature.  He eventually found some Norwegian seaweed with an almost identical chemical structure.

He then applied sublingual technology which he had already pioneered in other areas to produce a version of the seaweed that could be absorbed in the mouth and which had a dramatic effect on the oxygen levels of the blood.

Oxy-Moxy is entirely natural.  It is extracted from a group of Norwegian seaweeds which have to face the challenge of producing oxygen from CO2 in low temperature and virtual darkness.

However much oxygen there is in the air we breathe Oxy-Moxy  enables the lungs to put more oxygen into the bloodstream.  Its action is easy to understand when you realise there is only a certain amount of haemoglobin (cells which transport gases) in the body.  These cells load up with oxygen (and the other gases you breathed in) as they pass through the lungs.  On their trip through the body, they drop off oxygen and pick up more waste gasses, typically but not exclusively carbon monoxide (CO) and carbon dioxide (C lungs) so that the haemoglobin can be loaded with more oxygen (and start the cycle over).

The problem is like that of a crowded bus line which insists that all the passengers must have a seat.  New passengers can’t get on until the riders who are already aboard get off.  The same applies with hemoglobin and the less oxygen there is in the air you breathe and the slower the hemoglobin can “dump” the gasses which aren’t oxygen the less oxygen your cells receive.

A small amount of Oxy-Moxy helps the lungs to get rid of a large amount of waste gasses.  (It is similar to the way that a small amount of diuretic helps the kidneys to shed large amounts of waste fluids).

We breathe approximately 5,000 gallons (22 750Kg) of air a day, every day – actually getting into our bodies about 3 to 4% of the available oxygen in the air.  This is important since many years ago there was 30 to 35% oxygen in the air.  Generally there is now 18 to 20%.  In certain industrial cities oxygen levels have falled to 12-14% dangerously close to the minimum that’s needed to sustain human life.

As we ascend the percent of oxygen in the air drops.  At 7 000 feet (2133m), there is half the amount of oxygen in the air.  Therefore certain areas have the problem of reduction of air due to altitude as well as increased carbon monoxide due to air pollution!

Compounding the lowered oxygen level in the a™osphere are industrial and other pollutants such as automobile exhausts, and smoking both producing CO which unlike CO2 does not freely dissociate from the haemoglobin molecule.  This effect is cumulative, so a very low level of CO over time, can build up to a significant level and compromise the intake of oxygen.  Notice now, the warning on cigarettes “ increases carbon monoxide”.

Oxy-Moxycan increase the amount of oxygen extracted from the 5000 gallons of air that people breathe each day by 2 to 3% - enough to provide about 150 gallons of additional oxygen – the equivalent of a tank of medical oxygen into the body every day!

  • Oxy-Moxy™ works well with singers, smokers and athletes who want to use whatever oxygen they get into their bodies as efficiently as possible. It also helps with the removal of nicotine and other pollutants.

  • It is indicated in low oxygen environments such as polluted cities, sealed buildings and aircraft (long haul jet airliners are pressurised to a level of 8000 feet which means low oxygen – could this be why we arrive feeling tired and worn out?)

  • Oxy-Moxy™ feeds physiological oxygen into the bloodstream and increases the efficiency of the lungs both in absorbing oxygen and expelling carbon dioxide.

  • 20 drops of Oxy-Moxy™ in the mouth results in rapid, super oxygenation.

  • It aids metabolism, absorption of food, food supplements and medicines and works well with other oxygen therapies.

  • Oxy-Moxy™ is beneficial for people with asthma and emphysema, and for people undergoing radiation therapy.

  • Useful for athletes (including 10 countries in the Atlanta Olympics) helps avoid oxygen debt during heavy activity (running, biking, skiing, etc)

  • Oxy-Moxy™ is useful to prevent jet lag and to help stop smoking, and be more healthy around smokers.

How to take OXY-MOXY

Easy to use 20 drops under the tongue.  Quick acting lasts 2 to 3 hours.  May be used as often as needed.

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