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All information contained herein is not intended in any way as medical advice. Testimonials are given by people who wish to share their experiences and are solely for information purposes. This should not be considered medical advice. Buy Online now!


Jesse Clifton
Murphy - NC
10/23/00 11:37:05 PDT

I've suffered from depression ever since I can remember and all through my life I wondered if it would ever get better. I used to constantly think about dying and even attempted suicide a few times.

I didn't really want to die, I just wanted the endless grief to stop! After 20 years of searching and seeking help I finally found a bible based organization that help me get through the emotional mess my mind and life was in and gave me a positive look on life and hope for the future, but guess what, positive thinking didn't
make my chemical depression go away. I found out about Oxygen Elements Plus, gave it a try and finally the depression is gone!! In six months or longer since I started I haven't felt depressed except when it's normal to feel so. Now I can focus on being the best husband and father I can be; earn a living, do the volunteer work that is so important to me and be happy doing it! I've tried so many things and only Oxygen Elements Plus works for me. My life is devoted to serving God and helping people and maybe this product can help you like it's helped me. I hope it does!

Randy w Osborn 
10/23/00 11:19:37 PDT

Rejoicing, thanks to Oxygen Elements Plus. About 2 years ago I cut through my right thumb at the base; 13 stitches later I was back together, but it bothered me for over a year, nothing major just irritating, until it started growing, that is there started a small hard bump forming, and as the months went by it was getting bigger and bigger... until today that is, it was about ĺ" by ĺ" around and high. Right up until just recently I thought it was just excess cartilage
forming around the incision: well here is the rest of the story. I have a
nurse practitioner friend that looked at it and said it should be cut
off, and she would even do it for me, but I didn't like that option, so
since I was getting desperate, I decided first to take a syringe and
inject it with 35% hydrogen peroxide, man did that hurt, it turned it
white and very hard for a few hours but there was no change, I did that
twice, and then I wised up, and shot it full of Oxygen Elements Plus, that
was last night.

This morning at church it was irritating me so I picked a hole in it and
as soon as I did it was like having a splinter fester in your skin for a
long time until you press on it and it pops, only this was about 50 times
bigger, a good teaspoon full of puss came out along with a string of
cartilage as well as a round ball of cartilage or tissue of some sort but
hollow, I will try to get a picture of my finger and the round chunk of
cartilage that came out of it soon, it still has about a 1/4 inch lump
there, but the pressure that is now off it is incredible, thank you.

S. Miller 
Harlan - IA
10/20/00 17:01:26 PDT

In September 1985 I was diagnosed with Post Polio Syndrome. I had a lot of weakness in my right arm, right leg, neck, joints, and skeletal structure. I took 6 to 8 extra strength exedrine (1) every day in an attempt to relieve the pain. I was always very tired and napped whenever possible. 

In 1986 I was diagnosed with high blood pressure. I was prescribed a medication (2) to control this ailment. 

In 1988 I was diagnosed with ulcers in my esophagus and my stomach. The ulcers in my esophagus ate holes all the way through it; allowing a small percentage of the food and drinks I ingested to get outside 
the esophagus and the stomach. My Doctor performed a surgery on the ulcerated esophagus that forced the esophagus to shrink so small that I had to have my esophagus stretched before even leaving the hospital. In addition I had to have the esophagus stretched 28 more times over the next 12 years; I had to be put out each time this procedure was performed. I was also placed on a prescription drug (3) to help me swallow. I was also placed on another prescription (4) for my stomach ulcers and was told there 
was no way to cure this problem and could only treat it medically. 

in 1995 I suffered an injury to my right knee. I received a cortisone injection (5) once a year for each of the next five years and never once did I feel any beneficial effect from the injections. 

In July of 1997 I was prescribed and received spinal injections (6) for deterioration of vertebrae and discs. 

In July of 1998 I was diagnosed with Parkinsonís Disease. I was prescribed a drug (7) for tremors. 

In April of 2000 I was prescribed a drug (8) for dizziness caused by the Parkinsonís Disease. 

In July of 2000 I was so unhappy with the medical treatment I had been receiving, that I sought out a different Doctor She prescribed another more powerful prescription drug (9). I was now at the point in my life that I was taking Eight (8) Doctor prescribed drugs and (1) over the counter pain reliever each and every day and none of it was doing anything for me, except draining my life savings FAST! My quality of life seemed to be deteriorating very rapidly. 

On September 26, 2000 I was introduced to Oxygen Elements Plus by by a friend. I started on it immediately - 5 drops 3x per day. Within 24 hours I was able to quit all but one of the prescriptions drugs previously mentioned and the extra strength exedrine. On October 3, 2000 I stopped taking the remaining prescription drug also. 

I can now swallow just fine, I have tremendous energy, Iíve no pain, no naps, and for the first time in many years sleep all night every night!! 

Before the Oxygen Elements Plus there were many many days I could not button my shirt or even tie my shoes because of tremors and weakness. I am now on Silica Plus, Vitamins, and Minerals; I feel even stronger and better than I ever remember! 

I truly believe that Parkinsonís Disease is due to a lack of oxygen. In addition I believe many other health related problems are directly related to oxygen deficient cells. I recommend Oxygen Elements Plus to anyone who wants to enjoy better quality health. It is the only way. Days count do it for you, I feel I have a new lease on life at age 63.

Holly Cumming
Nashville - TN
10/20/00 15:28:13 PDT

I have had rheumatoid arthritis for over 20 years. I'm 45 years
old. The doctors said it was incurable and for me to "learn to live with it".
I also developed osteoporosis due to high level cortisone treatments. After only 5 days on Oxygen Elements Plus, my doctor said, "I've never seen your
joints looking so good! What are you doing?" After 14 days I began taking silica, vitamins, and minerals. It's been 18 days and I'm off all medications except 1 weekly dose of one medication. I feel GREAT and the pain is about 80% gone! I look forward to a complete and total recovery and NO MEDICATIONS!
Holly Cumming

Mark Abbott
Knightdale - NC
10/17/00 16:46:57 PDT

After 3 weeks. on Oxygen Elements Plus and 1 wk. on Silica Plus my
carpal tunnel syndrome is much better. I had the nerve conduction study
which showed that I was close to loosing nerve function in my hands. I had
already started dropping things due to the numbness in my fingers. I actually
hit my finger with a hammer and did not feel it. The Doctors told me I needed surgery. My hands feel about 90% better now. Thank You!!! Thank You!!!!
Thank You!!!!!

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