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Welcome to some credible testimonials:

The benefits of OxCgen More about
Oxygen Therapy

All information contained herein is not intended in any way as medical advice. Testimonials are given by people who wish to share their experiences and are solely for information purposes. This should not be considered medical advice. The testimonials, as we have just began marketing these products locally, are from the UK and USA. We do however, look forward to updating this section and including local feedback Buy Online now!


Just a note to say thanks for selling the OxCgen™. My waist is now down to 32" from about 35". 
I was on about 5 capsules a day but the other week was guided to try 10. The next day I was on the throne for one hour. The most appalling black matter came out. Stench is not an adequate word. Most of the mental anger I had been struggling with for years vanished with it. I'm impressed! 
Now I'm wondering just what else is down there. 
Best wishes, 

The OxCgen™ therapy is working. Clearer mind, more happiness and less depressive thoughts. Thank-you very much. 
AP, Norway

23.3.98 As I …begin to feel the benefits - which I certainly have with this last lot of goodies! I am spreading the word around - anyway, people see my health improving and are naturally curious! My umbilical hernia has retreated. 
Kindest regards and Love, 
HH, Cornwall

Please can you send me some more OxCgen™. I don't know where I would be without them. 
AM, West Yorkshire. 

These capsules have fantastic effect on my, and others, full and upper respiratory track infections with remarkable effect on nose block and throat condition of chronic and sub-acute nature. I am delighted to inform you of the remarkable effect with regard to clearing and relief of nasal passages, suffered for years and years. The capsules also worked remarkably well pertaining chronic constipation. Since I am very much pleased with the results. I am very much involved as a conventional and holistic practitioner and researcher; I am also delighted to have such remarkable results. 
SAH, Surrey 

I'm finding that I have greater freedom of movement within my neck and shoulders, more energy in my day and, strangely enough, feel cleaner inside! I put this down to OxCgenTM! 
JC, Swansea 

For the past few years I have watched my body disappear (along with my self-esteem) under layers of menopausal fat. ) On looking in the mirror I recognised the face, but whose body was it? Certainly not the one I'd inhabited for so many years. It was like looking at those photographs of people standing behind a cardboard cut out of the big fat lady in a swimsuit where your head is showing - so I just ate even less and got larger still and even more depressed and lethargic. Then a friend of my son passed your literature on to me and I read it with interest. I decided to try your OxCgen™ capsules - with some scepticism I might add. Anyway, what I am really writing to day is a huge "THANK-YOU" for giving me back my energy, INTREST IN LIFE, SENSE OF WELL-BEING AND MY BODY, (NOT BEAUTIFUL BUT BETTER!) My cellulite is reduced and strangely enough I do not crave sweet things at all. Show me a box of chocolate and I can easily say "No thank-you". I also find that I do not need my usual afternoon catnap, as my energy level is much better. 
Yours sincerely (and gratefully) 
Mrs NFJ, Staffs 

2/12/97 I just had to write and let you know how the OxCgen™ is going. Excellent!! I've only been taking it for a week, but I've noticed such a difference in my energy levels. Also I appear to have "lost" an abdominal complaint that I've suffered with for years! Please rush me some more as I don't want it to come back again ever! 
Many thanks, 
SC, Norfolk 

3.12.97 These capsules have made a real difference - improved digestion and raised energy levels. Thank-you very much for them. 
Yours sincerely 
PG, S.Wales 

I suffer from ME and it seems to be helping as I don't really get tired now and it seems to perk me up even more. I've also had some stomach problems, which seem to be much better now after only a few days on the OxCgen™. 
WH, Cumbria 

I am already 'hooked' on your products and have enjoyed the good results of OxCgen™. I look forward to receiving this order. 
Best wishes to you all, with love, 
LT, Dumfriesshire 

P.S. The OxCgen™ capsules are already benefiting my Allergic Tension Fatigue Syndrome and severe systemic Candida overgrowth. 
CB, Scotland 

I can now see the light at the end of the tunnel…after 18 days my liquid stools stage has almost passed… I have had stomach cramps and passed some unusual things.. I would be interested to see if I can identify these items… I must add that I have not touched anything, only looked from a distance!!!!! 

18/12/97 Yes, I have found paradise, or something similar…or maybe even better!!!! Ozone rules OK! It is WONDERFUL, I feel wonderful. Ozone seems to be the missing link…the thing I 'have always been waiting for' - or for more of!! 
This 'ear business' is amazing; so calming and refreshing…I have had my 1st 2 good nights sleep in a month… My breathing is very different… and you are right, I wander around smelling wafts of ozone coming from various cavities within my head. I love it. THANK-YOU, THANK-YOU…what more can I say, …Love, love, smiles and high-as-a-kite giggles, 
D, e-mail. 

I USED HERBS TO CURE MY CANCER "I was shattered when doctors said I'd need my ovaries removed and a full hysterectomy. But once I got myself over the initial shock I knew I had to adopt a more positive attitude…During the three weeks between my diagnosis and hysterectomy, I read up on traditional cancer treatments. I decided not to have chemotherapy after the operation as it can destroy the healthy cells as well as al the cancerous ones. I wanted my body to heal in a natural way… I gave up all meat and dairy products, and didn't touch processed foods or farmed fish. I took OxCgen™ therapy pills which cleansed my digestive system and an ancient blend of four herbs called essaic…I was up and about within six weeks of having the hysterectomy and felt better than I had done in months. …When I went for my last scan, doctors were amazed to find I was completely clear of cancer. I still have to go for my check-ups every six months but, so far, all my home-made treatments are keeping me healthy. 
Faye Walter, Best Magazine 

OxCgen™ capsules are wonderful. I feel better than I have felt for years after suffering depression and fatigue. I knew there had to be and answer 
- these are it! E S, Oxfordshire 

12.12.96... Using OxCgen™ seems to be helping me to experience a lightness when all around me is heavy, heavy, heavy! So, solstice greetings to you both - here's to brighter days ahead... 
Warm shining love to you - in the deep dark winter. 
NM, Worcs. 

13.6.96 Am feeling 199% better on the OxCgen™ tablets and have already lost 4lbs in weight! 
Please send me 180 capsules OxCgen™. 
Many thanks keep smiling. 

17.6.96 ... Cheque enclosed for you, re OxCgen™ tablets - the little miracle cure 
... best wishes. 
SW, South Glamorgan 

2.9.96 - both sleep & elimination are improved. Please rush me a full pack... I enclose cheque... 
With many thanks. 
CG, Cumbria 

28.4.96 Please send me another 180 OxCgen™ capsules - they're really kicking in now; I haven't felt so perky for ages! ... Please could you also send me information about the Energy Foods (Transformation and Path of the Heart Essences and Fragrances)? 
Thank you. Best wishes. 
BS, London 

Thank you for telling me how it all works with the OxCgen™. I feel a lot better now, everything has all settled ... or shall I maybe say started to move!!! But I need more!! Thank you. 
KJ, East Sussex 

30.4.96 I'm feel very good, with the OxCgen™, my eyes are much better, I don't need glasses, my allergies are much better, and I have much more energy. 
Thank you. Love & Light. 
EK, Belgium 

12.7.96 Please send another bottle of OxCgen™ (180). Cheque enclosed. Very pleased with the first one, far more energy, less sleep (down to 4-5 hours), no colds or flu or headaches. I also want to get back on the 
RS, Croydon 

Having tried your OxCgen™ capsules recently I am most impressed and therefore wish to order a pack of 180. Enclose herewith a cheque ... 
Many thanks. 
JC, Coventry 

I have been using the OxCgenTM and am grateful to say since starting these tablets, although 'water-works' are still too frequent, I have not had an attack of cystitis - which is a great blessing. 
I take my dosage first thing in the morning with a glass of water, and find it 'boosts' me up for the day (76). So will you please send me the 180 capsules ... Thank you so much and all blessings, Love & Light. 
HA, Dorset 

16.9.96 Please find enclosed a cheque for 180 capsules of OxCgen™. I suffer from severe ME and one of my symptoms is severe hair loss, after only 3 weeks of treatment the scalp problem is sorting itself out. I will monitor my progress over the next few months, and keep you informed. 
Yours sincerely. 
CL, Lancs. 

Please supply a further OxCgen™. It surely does the job it purports to... 
People I've talked to about oxygen are all convinced by the logical simplicity of such a therapy and wonder why it's not on every chemist's shelf... 
I also wonder why my quack hasn't suggested it years ago for IBS, a condition which has more or less disappeared since starting the OxCgen™! 
Kind regards. 
GM, London 

I've been suffering from ME for sixteen years, and have been chronically ill for the last six years. I've tried just about every remedy under the sun, and have been written off by the medical profession. Last winter I had ozone pumped up my bottom once a week for three months - all to no avail. 
I've been taking OxCgen™ tablets for less than two weeks, and I am already feeling better. My sleep is deeper, I wake up earlier, and some days I don't need to sleep in the afternoon, which is something I have not been able to do without for six years. My constipation has also been alleviated. 
I enclose a cheque for a packet of 180 OxCgen™ tablets. 
With thanks. 
MB, Scotland 

I would like to thank you for the enormous benefits I have gained from the OxCgen™ .I have been using them regularly for the past seven months. My health and emotional sense of well being have improved enormously. I have lost nearly 2 stones in weight, which is back to the right weight for the first time in eight years. My digestion and sleeping have also improved considerably. I feel much clearer inside, more in time with my body and more emotionally balanced. 
Thank you for all of this. 
With best wishes. 
Yours - M, Croydon 

20-11-96 … 2 packs this time. I do think they are helping with my severe ME - the length of this letter is an indication of that. 
Many thanks. JA 

13.11.96 Since using the products I purchased from you on my visit to Liverpool, I feel like a new woman - (pity I've only got the same old man....). Seriously, I'm immediately feeling benefits, feeling brighter and lighter, my food cravings have vanished overnight and I'm losing weight (trumpet fanfare). I'm also enjoying the novelty of helping my body to maintain health rather than doing my best to make it resemble a toxic waste dump then moaning when I don't feel great! 
This is all new and good... Thank you so much for sharing your enthusiasm and love for all this stuff - it made all the difference to me between thinking it was a good idea and being attracted enough to actually think, yeah I want to feel like that too. I'm going to do it! With love and blessings. 
NM, Worcs. 

19/1/97 I'm only on Day 2 of taking the OxCgen™ and feeling so much, much better already: Clearer thinking, more energy, calmer and much more positive feelings just from 3 yesterday and 3 today! OxCgen™ is amazing! In the meantime I'll have the following:..... 
Love. S, Cardiff 

Dear Paul - Thank you for sending the OxCgen™ so quickly... 3 days into my package I'm still at the initial watery stool stage but my friends find it quite remarkable that I'm still bright at 11 p.m. when I've usually fallen asleep by nine! Also it would seem I am sleeping better. But early days. I am a great one for wild initial change and enthusiasm! One of my main failures is the ability to sustain and progress - we'll see... 
With thanks. 
AW, Somerset 

12.2.96 I am writing to tell you my story which should please you and encourage others. 
I started taking OxCgen™ capsules on the 13th. November 1995. Shortly afterwards, on the 17th Nov, to be exact, I came down with a nasty flu, sore throat, temperature, cough, cold etc. I did not seem to be able to shake it off and felt weak, tired and apathetic for a long time after the temperature had left me and I should have been able to resume a normal life. 
So, on 29th Nov, I went to my wonderful doctor who took an HLB blood test and discovered a pre-cancerous state in my colon. He explained to me that the OxCgen™ capsules had cleaned my colon very quickly and exposed this cancer growth in its embryonic stages which had been covered and encapsulated in the faecal matter which was lining my colonic walls and had been hidden from sight on all previous tests which I had done. 
The doctor told me that if I had not taken the OxCgen™ capsules and had cleaned my colon I would have died of cancer in 1 or 2 years as cancer of the colon has no symptoms, pain etc. and one just goes without much warning. 
So you can say that OxCgen™ has saved my life. You can imagine how grateful I am to have caught this "nasty" early enough, hopefully, to be able to get rid of it. I am taking Chlorella, the Growth Factor and many vitamins to help my body fight this disease. 
My wonderful, alternative doctor put me on a organic vegetable juice fast for 3 weeks - in addition to that I was taking a lot of natural vitamins and supplements BUT NOTHING SOLID TO EAT. It was hard at times, as while the body was fighting to get rid of that poison I felt low, ill and very cold, no matter how much I was wearing. 
After that period I was checked again and found to be completely clear. 
I have come back to London, after nearly a month in the Bahamas to rest and convalesce. Have taken up Yoga, which I find marvellous for the body and mind. 
Thank you, Paul, for importing this wonder stuff - I could say that you contributed greatly to saving my life. 
Yours sincerely. 
C, London 

I have been taking OxCgen™ capsules for one & a half months together with the right vitamins and minerals at the correct dosage. Now I am more healthy than I have ever been before. My life has been transformed & even the sky isn't the limit for me! 
Thank you. Yours faithfully. 
QL, Dorset 

Enclosed please find cheque ... to cover payment of OxCgen™ capsules + p&p. Thank you for sending them so promptly. I thought I would just point out the benefits I have experienced since taking the OxCgen™ capsules you recommended, which I have been taking regularly (three a day - usually together first thing in the morning) for the last five months. 
I initially came to you because I was constantly tired. I slept well, probably too well, and yet could never shake off the feeling of lethargy. I now have so much more energy. I am certainly not as irritable, have lost nearly a stone in weight, and I can walk much further than was possible six months ago without constantly having to stop for breath. 
I have not suffered from any of the colds, which have gone around the rest of the family and/or office. One condition I have suffered from over many years is dizziness accompanied by a constant muzziness, which my GP diagnosed as Labyrinthitis and prescribed "Serc" tablets, which were not terribly effective. I still have occasional bouts but they are certainly not as persistent nor as severe. 
I was also beginning to encounter a sensation of weakness in my knees, especially when confronted with stairs or a steep climb, this has disappeared altogether. 
I have also found that I can now wear earrings over a long period without any problems (they were persistently prone to itching and wept if I kept my earrings in overnight). I have in the past ten years or more tried most of the available remedies, such as Ginseng, magnesium OK, Evening Primrose Oil etc. but none have been as profoundly effective as OxCgen™. 
I am really most grateful to you for suggesting these capsules. There is a possibility of my moving up to Scotland in the next few months and I hope I shall be able to rely on your postal services in future. 
Best wishes. 
L, Liverpool 

1996 In reply to your request here is a letter explaining how I find your tablets has helped my arthritis. Having started taking the OxCgen™ capsules I have had no colds or flu. My arthritis in my hands doesn't give me any bother, they are a lot better and I feel good. 
I have spoken to a few friends of mine who suffer ailments and I think they could be in touch with you. 
Please can you send me another 180 capsules? I enclose a cheque. I owe my thanks to you and Mrs Madelaine Howard for the introduction. 
D M, West Yorkshire 

6-2-97 Please supply 180 capsules of OxCgen™. Cheque ... is enclosed in full payment. 
I find this product very good indeed and with its help I am establishing a very good bowel rhythm - thank you. Yours sincerely. A T 
B, Whitley Bay 

31.1.95 I enclose cheque ... as per today's telephone conversation for new supply of Oxygen/Magnesium tabs "OxCgen™". 
As you know I am having Hyperbaric Oxygen treatment for my ME twice a week and taking three OxCgen™ tabs on the days I do not go to the unit. I am feeling so much better, more energy and the fuzzy/depressed state of mind is lifting. I am most surprised to feel this good whilst the weather is so stormy and wet as a 'Low glass' affects ME people badly as a rule. So after 11 years of the illness it's good to feel so much better. 
Thank you. Love. 
D M, West Sussex 

Just a brief note to say thank you for all you are doing. Having taken OxCgen™ I have felt a tremendous relief to my arthritis. I used to take Paracetamol quite a lot and now I don't take any. I can make a fist in my hands. I could never do that before. Also I can raise my arms above my head. I could never do that before. I can't express what a great help you have been to me. I am so glad I was told of OxCgen™. I don't know where I would be today without it. I have told a lot of people about you and I am sure they will be in touch. I have my thanks to Mrs. Howard for your recommendation. Once again thank you, I have enclosed a cheque for some more OxCgen™. 
Thank you. D 
M, West Yorkshire 

4/3/97 Please rush me some more tablets ... You have given me my life back. After being extremely ill (and virtual invalid) for 3 months with a kidney infection which was resistant to antibiotics, I began to recover within hours of taking my first dose of OxCgen™. Within a week my doctor confirmed the infection had completely cleared up. Am now healthier than before I got sick! (I also need 4 hrs sleep a night instead of 8). Many more benefits, too. Will write in more detail when I have time. Also some very interesting results with Revenol. Will write with details. Next I'm going to sort out my hormones... 
Please send me ... And thank you for everything! 
LW, Surrey 

13/5/97 Many thanks for responding to my telephone answer machine request with all your literature etc. on OxCgen™ etc. I have several clients with impaired immune systems (mostly ME sufferers) so I want to try out your OxCgen™ and accordingly enclose my cheque... Again, many thanks for your prompt and informative response. 
Yours sincerely, 
RDM, Bristol 

19/6/97 I have been taking the OxCgen™ for about a week now although I'm not fighting fit YET, I'm 10 times better than I was last week. When I saw what you had on offer at Resonance I think I went slightly over the top ... but none the less, I still think it's money well spent. My list is ... 
Lots of love. 
I, West Midlands 

18/5/97 Could you please send me 180 OxCgen™ capsules as I have nearly run out . I haven't really noticed any major differences yet - apart from the fact that I've been able to cope with doing two jobs, going to Uni - plus writing an essay and presentation in the last two weeks. So perhaps you could say that my energy level has increased! I've enclosed a cheque... 
Best wishes. 
VW, Brighton 

5/97 I have a patient who has been taking OxCgen™ for a little while and has felt very much better on it. I would be very grateful if you could give me some details of this interesting compound and any data on clinical studies that have been performed with it. 
I have large numbers of patients with presumed candida of the gastrointestinal tract and antifungals in some of them are amazingly helpful but there is still a proportion for whom although we suspect that as the problem these drugs are ineffective. 
Obviously any further help that we can get to treat these patients would be very welcome. Perhaps at some stage I could have some supplies of this compound to try in the clinic and if the improvement is the same as you have previously experienced, you might be interested in letting me do a clinical trial. 
I do look forward to hearing from you. With kind regards, JB, Reader in Clinical Immunology, Honorary Consultant Physician, London 

26/5/97 Thank you for the fast delivery of my last order ... I must confess all claims about feeling in better health are true. So here comes my next order... 
Till next time, Love 
Y, Antwerpen 

23/4/97 This morning I looked into the mirror (scary) ... and saw a change I never expected! For as long as I can remember I have had dark circles under my eyes ... and now they're almost gone ... of course I checked other mirrors straightaway in case it was a trick of the light. But no, at last those 'dark clouds' are lifting. The reason you ask? 10 days of taking OxCgen™ capsules at a rate of 3 a day. I have been 'through a lot lately not least of all moving house 5 times in 12 months ... so I was not expecting great results from OxCgen™ ... but the eyes have it! (Sorry my puns haven't improved as well). My digestive system is starting to settle down - the reason for trying OxCgen™ - even though I wouldn't be without my Calli - everyday! ... I am going to recommend them to a friend who has been suffering from ME for years. 
Thank you for sending orders so promptly. Keep up the good work... 
With love, 
HD, East Sussex 

20/8/97 The OxCgen™ therapy is working. Clearer mind, more happiness and less depressive thoughts. Thank you very much. To secure more of this "tool for life" (one of many) I will order a bottle of 180 capsules... 
Yours sincerely, 
ĹP, Norway 

Spring '97 A quick bit of feedback: the OxCgen™ tablets made a new woman of me and, incidentally, cured me of my chocolate 'habit'... I look forward to hearing from you. I hope business is bright and brisk and that you are both in shining, glorious, beautiful health ... 
With much love from 
NM, Charlton 

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