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Extracts of Cistanche Tubulosa for brain function - 100% certified organic

Cistanche Tubulosa

General Info

US Patent

Research charts


The Brain has the ability to repair itself

Article Natural Vs Synthetic Vitamins

Memoregain - Scientific evidence.pdf

(Memoregain's active ingredient)may work in Parkinson disease

The Protective Effects of Some Phenylethanoid Glycosides on the Mitomycin C Induced DNA Strand Breakage

Herbal Medicine and Treatments for Attention-Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

Clinical Research shows that cistanche tubulosa extracts assist with:
  • memory improvement
  • learning enhancement
  • prevents heart and brain infarction
  • anti-oxidant that protects neurons
  • accelerates neuron growth and repair
  • improves general health and reduces fatigue
Certified Organic

Cistanche Tubulosa Extracts
30 Vegetarian Capsules 450mg

Protective Effect of Memoregain on Neurons

1. Control: MPP+ causes neuron damage (Caption slide 1)

2. Treated by MPP+ and Memorgain (Caption slide 2)

Slides shows:
  1. MPP+ (1-Methly-4phenylpyridinium ion) is a chemical substance which will cause neuron damage.
  2. Protection effect of S-3 on dopamine neuron treated by MPP+ and Memoregain
Suggested Use:
As a dietary supplement take 1 capsule daily with food, or as directed by your healthcare provider. People with senile dementia may take up to 4 capsules daily as recommended by their physician.

Supplement Facts:
Serving size: 1 vegetarian capsule 450mg

Active Ingredients:
Cistanche Tubulosa Extracts:
70% Phenylethanoid Glyoside
25% Echinacoside

Fountainhead Memoregain is made from organically harvested Cistanche Tubulosa plant . Memoregain has undergone extensive research at Beijing University. Scientific findings have proved that Cistanche Tubulosa extract has the ability to assist with vascular dementia and memory enhancement.

Name: Fountainhead Memoregain Capsule

Character: Hard shell vegetarian capsule, contains beige to dark brown powder, taste bitter.

Dosage: Cistanche Tubulosa Extract (TLCT-Plus) 450mg/capsule

Active Ingredient: Echinacoside ? 25% and Phenylethanoid Glycosides ? 70%

Pharmacology: Seven kinds of animal models have proved that Memoregain improves learning ability and memory by platform and maze experiments (normal model, memory representing disturbance model caused by alcohol, memory aquiring disturbance model caused by scopolamine, memory consolidating disturbance model caused by sodium nitrate, Kidney Yang deficient model caused by hydrocortisone, senile memory decreasing model caused by D-galactose and memory disturbance model caused by cerebral ischemis-reperfusion).

Indication: Prevention of vascular dementia, memory improvement, inhibition of aggregation of blood platelets.

Administration: 1 capsule daily for supplement purpose. Apply up to 4 capsules for therapeutic purpose.

Shelf Life: 30 months

Storage: Store in a cool dry place

Fountainhead Memoregain is an exceptionally high quality dietary supplement manufactured in China in a GMP (Good Manufacturing Plant) certified botanical extraction factory that has Quality Compliance to ISO international standards. The agriculture and manufacture of Memoregain have recently, in April 2007 being certified as organic by COFCC (China Organic Food Certification Centre). The Research and Development budget in 2005 was 3.1 million US Dollars and they will continue to spend up to 14 million USD's in the next 5 years.

Cistanche Tubulosa Effects

Effects of Cistanch Tubulosa glycosides (CTG) on memory consolidation dysfunction of mice induced by Sodium Nitrite (X SD)
, Cong Gao (Traditional Chinese Drug Research and Clinical Pharmacology) 2005,16(3):162-164
  • CTG 400' 200mg/Kg after oral application, mice can significantly prolong the incubation period caused by the memory damage done by sodium nitrite.
  • Scopolamine 600mg/Kg after oral application has good memory protection effect to memory damaged mice.
  • While CTG 100mg/Kg can prolong incubation period, it has less efficacy.
Influences of Cistanche Tubulosa glycosides (CTG) on learning and memory functions of mice with insufficienty of kidney yang induced by hydrocortisone in diving platform (X SD)
, Cong Gao, Chinese Journal of Basic Medicine in Traditional Chinese Medicine, 2005, 11 (5):330-332 Summary:CTG 400,200,100mg can significantly improve the learning and memory functions of mice with insufficient kidney yang induced by hydrocortisone. Impove the error times and incubation period and reduce the death rates.

Echinacoside inhibits the formation of reactive oxygen species

Laser confocal scanning show the fluorescence is 9.8, 89.6, 39.1 and 14.2 in normal control group, TNF? group and TNF? and echinacoside 10mg/L, 100mg/L, respectively incidating echinacoside decreases formation of reactive oxygen species in the cells exposed to TNF?.

Reference: 1. Echinacoside rescues the SHSY5Y neuronal cells from TNF? - induced apoptosis. Min Deng,et al European Journal of Pharmacology, 2004< (505) 11-18 2. Enchinacoside rescues the SHS5Y neuronal cells from TNF? - induced apoptosis, Min Deng, Chinese Pharmacological Bulletin 2005,21(2):169-74


Normal Neuron cells includes soma, axon and dendrite
Within the normal group, the neuronal cells had normal growth and long axon.
In the group treated by MPP+, neurons atrophy and axon disappoint.
In the group treated by MPP+ and Cistanche tubulosa glycosides, the growing condition of neuron is good and the axon is growing long.
Reference: Major pharmacology study, CTG new drug materials (unpublished)

Anti-oxidative Protection

The scavenging abilities of Echinacoside in different concentration on -OH, O2 - and L. free radical in vitro.
It was concluded that Echinacoside, the main constituent of phenylethanoid glycosides, might scavenge many kinds of free radicals, the scavenging abilities had the concentration-dependant of direct ratio.
Reference: Anti-aging function study on Echinacoside, Acta Biochimica et Biophysica Sinica, 2004, 20(3):183-187

INCREASE BLOOD CIRCULATION. DECREASE INFARCTION Anti free radical via increase in activity of SOD The activity of SOD in radiated group decreased 46.8% but in Cistanche tubulosa glycosides treated group it increased 52.1% and 52.4% (cistanche tubulosa glycosides 125mg/kg, Cistanche glucosides 500mg/kg). This test demonstrates two groups have an increase in SOD activity at a significant rate. Reference: Effects on CTG's anti-lip peroxidation and anti-radiation, Lin Lee, China Journal of Chinese Material Mecicine 1997,22(6):364-367

Cistanche tubulosa glycosides inhibit thrombosis in artery-vein by-pass

Compared with distilled water, CTG 200mg, 100mg had the effect of inhibiting thrombus coagulation, preventing thrombosis. Inhibition rate were 16.4% and 19.6%. Summary: CTG 200' 100mg/Kg had the effect of inhibiting thrombus coagulation, preventing thrombosis, thrombus moist weight reduce significantly compared with distilled water. Reference: Major pharmacology study, CTG new drug materials (unpublished)

ANTI-FATIGUE Improve general health and reduce fatigue
Cistanche tubulosa glycosides increase physical strength and resistance to ischemia and toxic substances

After a few days of giving CTG, both CTG groups significantly prolong the lack of oxygen mice living time, increase mice tolerance of oxygen insufficiency. Both CTG groups presented significantly longer weight bearing swimming time, it demonstrates an ideal anti-fatigue efficacy.
Cistanche tubulosa glycosides increase tolerance to ischemia, prolong living time in sodium nitrite.
Reference: Effects of CTG on oxygen insufficiency tolerance and fatigue tolerance, Zhiqiang Wang, Chinese Traditional and Herbal Drugs), 1996, 27 (supplementary issue) 137-138


Hetain Plantation Base:
Hetian Tianli (Xingjiang Hetian, China) has scientific research base 500 acres, GAP compliance base 2400 acres, and will increase to 100,000 acres in the year 2010. Well trained personnel in plantation and cooperate with local farming contractor assist them with advanced farming skills, and SOP management space accounts for 75,000 acres.

GAP Plantation Base in Xingjiang Hetian, China
Extraction Capacity
GMP certified botanical extraction factory. Cistanche Tubulosa extraction/purification research study has been financed by the government in China through the 10th five year plan major study task and National High Tech 863 Project. This project was recognized as national plan listed as a Chinese Medicine Modernization Task by The Ministry of Science and Technology of the PRC. Using Macroporous Adsorption Resin to Separation and purification facilities. Self designed macroporous adsorption resin separation and purification facilities that can handle cistanche tubulosa or other plant extraction.
Annual capacity: 2000 tons per year.

About China Factory:
79 acres, the entire plant is 20,000 square meters which includes every modern GMP production facilities, traditional Chinese medicine extract plant, raw material plant, air/humid control warehouse, and environmental friendly sewage system. Sinphar Tianli has equipped leading-edge broad production lines in OTC and prescription drugs, synthetic API, traditional Chinese medicine, plant extracts, functional health foods and skin care products. Product lines include capsule, tablet?granule?powder , jelly candy, ointment, cream, gel, suppository, lotion, liquid, syrup, drinks.

Column Chromatographic Separation

Spray Dryer

Quality Compliance:
cGMP, ISO9001, ISO 14001, ISO 17025
GLP, GAP international standard compliance

Credits and Development Objectives
  1. . Hetian Tianli Desert Herb Pharmaceutical Development Co., Ltd. is a join venture business with Yutien City Government.
  2. Joint venture with Beijing University, share holder includes the founding father of Cistanche Tubulosa, Dr. Tu. Jointly developed new drug license with Beijing University (The best leading university in China).
  3. To hold 3 times international Cistanche Tubulosa conference and will hold 4th in year 2007.
  4. To provide a value added business to benefit the local residents. Well farmed plantation base create good environmental benefits to prevent land desertification.

TV coverage

Using Cistanche Tubulosa to make new drug jointly developed with Beijing University.

Launch in Japan

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