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Soak your pain away!

What are Fountainhead
Healing Baths

How to use
Healing Baths
Benefits of Hydrotherapy Research Testimonials

Symptoms of Magensium Deficiency

All information contained herein is not intended in any way as medical advice. Testimonials are given by people

who wish to share their experiences and are solely for information purposes. This should not be considered medical advice.

Pain, Sprain, Stiffness
"Florence, the first time I used the Healing Bath was after I had been hiking - I was so stiff and sore and  after that lovely hot bath with Fountainhead Healing Bath  the pain was gone and now I must tell you that I am  telling everybody how wonderful this product is because  Saturday I went grocery shopping and as I was going up the  stairs I hurt my foot, that night my foot was so sore I decided  to have a Healing Bath and the next day it was almost gone completely. It really is wonderful."

Less Pain, less swelling
Have started my sister on the Cardioflow (juvenile arthritis) and she is quite happy with the results. I’ve also been treating her with the “Healing Baths” but have been using it in the foot spa for her swollen feet and I must say it works wonders. She is in less pain and the swelling of her feet has eased tremendously as she soaks her feet three times a week. 

Thank you for introducing us to all your products. We are much healthier & happy peeps!! 

God Bless!!

Sleeplessness and Tiredness
Hello There,

Thanks for these great products. Ever since I've started using the detox patches and healing bath salts I feel great. 
Previously I used to feel lethargic and tired. I also had trouble sleeping. I've recommended your products to most of my friends. 

Thanks again. This is one product which stands true to its testimony.

Thanks & Regards
Elaine Naidoo

"I just wanted to let you know that I tried your competitors patches and I am now back using yours. When I use The Fountainhead Chi Detox patches my blood pressure improves and I sleep better which I don't find with the others. Also they smell nicer. By the way your Fountainhead Healing Bath is also terrific when I use before going to bed I immediately fall to sleep which is usually and effort. Very happy thank you - Johannesburg"

"I had very bad food poisoning or a stomach bug and had severe diarrhoea and was feeling, nauseous, weak and cold. My wife suggested a Fountainhead Healing Bath and half an hour later I immediately felt better and my diarrhoea subsided - it was also wonderfully relaxing and smelled great!" - East London

"Last year I had a back operation and had a disc removed and have suffered from backache ever since, until I tried the Fountainhead Healing Bath and found that it relieves my pain tremendously" - Johannesburg

A client reported that that after using Fountainhead Healing Bath as a compress daily for two weeks her cut went from 11cm to 2.5cm.

Another client said that she was struggling terribly with ingrown hairs and was going to go have them surgically removed and tried The Fountainhead Healing Bath as a last resort. She was amazed that the in-grown hairs improved and she didn't have to have surgery.

A lady called to say that she had had a knee operation on both her knees and had terrible pain and swelling in her knees and legs. After using the Fountainhead Healing Bath. She couldn’t believe how the pain and swelling subsided.

"I purchased at Dis-Chem in Cape Town and used both the Chi Detox Patches and Healing bath, the latter with tremendous results to a serious gash along my shin. In four weeks it has helped heal the cut from 12cm in length to about 3cm."
~ Kensington, South Africa 

Hi there,
The Fountainhead Healing Bath soak is amazing and is excellent for in-growing hairs, after 2 soaks it came out easily (after a month of trying everything - my next resort was the doctor to have it cut out). 

Thank-you for such an amazing product. I buy a lot of ... (Name deleted to avoid problems) fast fix products and am generally disappointed, so it is great to have a product that delivers what it says.

Kind regards
Amanda, South Africa

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Alternatively you can purchase through us directly:
1 box = 1 full bath treatment or 2 foot/hand bath treatments

Prices include VAT and postage within South Africa :
R60.00 (R52.63 ex. VAT) for 1 box
R252.00 (R221.05 ex. VAT) for 6 boxes
R480.00 (R421.05 ex. VAT) for 12 boxes

Please deposit monies into
First National Bank, Branch Rivonia Code: 250 355
Account Number: 62 00 864 3753
Account Name: The Fountainhead (Pty) Ltd

And fax or email us your confirmation of payment together with you postal address details and tel or cell no

The Fountainhead

P O Box 4008, Cramerview, 2060
670 Pretoria Main road, Wynberg, Sandton, 2191, South Africa
Phone: 086 111 2054 Fax: 011 887-7213 :: E-mail: cairine@thefountainhead.co.za