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Mother Earth - The New Consciousness and Sacred Water

A Talk presented by Drunvalo Melchizedek, condensed version


Drunvalo Melchizedek gave this talk on May 1st, 1999 at the Wesak Celebration, held at Mount Shasta. This message has such importance that the word needs to go out and be spread to all. Please see the bottom of this document for additional notes.

Drunvalo: New Concepts and Ideas are coming

What I am about to tell you today is one of the most exciting things I have seen in this world. It is brand new; you've never heard me talk about it before, and it is just beginning on the planet right now. As I see it, we are never going to be the same after this is understood, and it is actually really alive in this world.

About six years ago, I was in meditation with a man called Chiquetet Arlich Vomalites. Some of you know him as Thoth. One day he said he had to leave because he and most of the ascended masters, had to go on a journey to another universe to live the experience of what we are all going to live very soon, so that they could find a pathway to this new world, this new way of being.

In January of this year, the angels came in and they said that many of the masters are now returning during the Egyptian window between January 10 and January 19 . A certain group of them was coming back, and were bringing with them the knowledge of what they'd learned over the last six years. Which, in the other dimensional levels, was really hundreds of thousands of years. With their return, new concepts and new ideas that mankind has never known, or ever even conceived of before, would now emerge on Earth. Ideas we have never, ever thought of.

I am going to give you one of these new ideas. It's new, and we have never seen it before, not ever. I am going to call this talk, "Mother Earth - The New Consciousness and Sacred Water".

Laying the Groundwork

I am going to talk about water. Water is more than we know. In order to talk about what is going on with water, I have to begin by laying out some groundwork, so you can understand a larger context of what I am really talking about here.

Let's imagine ourselves coming in from space for the first time into this solar system, passing through all of these different planets, through the outer planets of Pluto and Neptune. As we are making our way in towards the sun, we come to this planet here, planet Earth, which is unique and different from all the other ones, because it is a water planet. Almost all of the surface of this planet is water. And when you come down to the surface of this planet, the beings who live here, the humans, the dogs, the cats, the trees, and all the life forms who live here, come from water, and are made of water. Our bodies are almost all water.

As we live on this water planet, in water bodies, we are attracted to water. If you move through a forest and you come to a river, your heart is pulled to that place, because you can feel the life energy that is there. Water is "alive". It's more alive than we know. And I'm beginning to truly understand what the ancients said that the waters are "living waters".

There was once a man named Jesus, who began His ministry with baptism; baptism into water. What does that mean? What does it really mean to be baptized into water?

To explain this a little bit, I have to be a little mathematical. In ancient times, there were five shapes, the five Platonic solids. Each one of these five Platonic solids had an element associated with them. They were the tetrahedron, the cube, the octahedron, the icosahedron, and the dodecahedron. The tetrahedron was fire. The cube was the earth. The octahedron was air. The icosahedron was water, and the dodecahedron was prana, or ether.

The icosahedron and the dodecahedron are linked together. You can't talk about one without the other. They are what are called in mathematics the duals of each other. You can create one from the other. The icosahedron, being water, was the aspect that this Earth was missing since the time of Atlantis. So the Great White Brotherhood, for the last 13,000 years, and everything that the 72 Orders have been doing has been around the bringing back of the consciousness of water and prana together. The consciousness of water. It really is that simple. (Ed: The word "White" in this case has nothing to do with race. It stands for that aspect of being that includes all the colors within it and, additionally, for purity).

If we look at the DNA, which encodes our information, it is made up of only the icosahedron and the dodecahedron. That's all it is. It is water and prana put together. The Christ grid that is around the Earth that we are all familiar with, is what the Great White Brotherhood has been working on for 13,000 years, so that we can move into the next level of consciousness, made up of an icosahedron and a dodecahedron: water and prana. I can really say that there is something very, very, very special about water; especially water of a certain kind of nature that will change this world.

Structured vs. Unstructured Water

I will now talk about research that was done in the past around water, so we can begin to get a framework to start discussing what's now happening in the world. In the University of Georgia, around the early 1990s, they discovered that every cell in our body that is diseased, or harmed in one way or another is surrounded by something called "unstructured water". Always, whatever the disease is, this "unstructured water" always surrounds it.

They discovered then that every healthy cell, no matter which cell it is, is always surrounded by "structured water". So, what is the difference? It is extremely simple. The only difference is in the number of electrons that are in the outer orbits. That is it! Unstructured water is missing these outer electrons, and it causes disease. Water that has these outer electrons and their shells are completed, is healthy.

Water flowing through rivers and lakes in natural situations that are not polluted is "structured". However, water that goes through a pipe, which almost all of the water that goes into our bodies, is "unstructured". It takes only just a few feet of water moving through a pipe under pressure, and the water can't rotate the way it wants to. Instead, it is forced to move in concentric rings, which rip off the outer electrons and form "unstructured water".

We are kind of doing what they did in Rome a long time ago... like eating off of lead plates. We are drinking out of high-pressured water pipe that produces disease. There have been many people since this time, when they discovered this, they realized: "Oh my God, we are drinking water that is killing us, what will we do about it?" Then, many, many researchers began to look for ways to quickly restructure the water.

There was some research done in California on an orange grove, which was astounding! They took an orange grove that consistently gave the same yield every year for ten years in a row. It gave two yields every year and the number of oranges was almost exactly the same. So they went there and changed these little nozzles, and they put them to feed each of the trees. It was the only change they made. Immediately, it started producing from two yields to five yields. And those yields were 20% higher than before. All they did was to send in living water into the trees.

In 1996, I was approached by two people named Bob Dratch and Slim Spurling who had taken the water from a rain cloud, right before it was going to rain. They put it through something called a molecular emission scanner, through a special set of software, and into a computer. They then reprogrammed those microwave emissions into a sound which could be heard. An antenna then transmitted that sound, a coil that Slim made called a Harmonizer, which would project this out in the atmosphere for about 35 miles around.

They did this in Denver through the year of 1995. They actually began in 1994 and they quit in 1996. For the one single year of 1995 in Denver, they had this running, they were just simply projecting out the energy of a rain cloud. Denver became the cleanest it was in the history of their recording ever, for one year. The moment they quit in 1996, it became polluted again.

In June of 1996, in Phoenix Arizona, we began to do a similar test using something called an R-2, which is made of certain little coils combined in a certain way, that act as an antenna to put out whatever waveform or vibration we wished. At that time, Phoenix was in the most polluted state it had ever been in its recorded history. They were going into a "serious" rating, and the government itself was freaked out, because they didn't know what to do. They wouldn't allow us to do the research you might say, legally", so we had to use certain laws for us to do this work without their help, and we did it anyway.

From September 1 of 1996 the system was running fully until May of 1998. We noticed a city so polluted, that you could hardly breathe in, you couldn't even see more than a few blocks, the city was so bad. In a very short time, Phoenix went clear and clean, and you could breathe again. The birds and the animals came back. The whole nature of the clouds above it changed, the smell went away. It became clean and exciting. I thought we had really found a true answer for the world in terms of cleaning up the pollution.

And it did work! From September 1 of 1996 until May of 1998, Phoenix was the cleanest it has ever been in their recorded history. We had the hydrocarbons in the center of the city down to single digits and many times down to zero, not recording anything at all, it was so clean.

This was encouraging, because you see, from everything I am being told from the Ascended Masters and from the angelic realms, we can't leave here until we clean up our place. It is part of our consciousness. It was our consciousness that created the Earth the way and state that it is now, in a state where our planet is dying. Before we leave, it is our responsibility, as spiritual beings, with the awareness that is now emerging on this Earth, to clean our world and to bring it back into the health and purity it used to be. I have been working in every way I know to fulfill this.

Clustered Water

Fourteen years ago, a new kind of water emerged on Earth; a water never seen before, never heard of, never known to exist. This water is called "clustered water. The water looks, under a microscope, like snowflakes. It is formed in little hexagons, little hexagonal patterns. This water is found in all babies: human babies, baby trees, baby horses. All babies are filled with clustered water. But very soon, we lose this, and it goes into "structured water". And then very soon, because of the way we live in this polluted world, it begins to move into "unstructured water". The research around clustered water is new. It appears to be a definite step forward in allowing consciousness inside the human body to emerge faster.

The Miracle - The Discovery of a New Type of Water

But now, something else has happened. Something that is so extraordinary... I don't even know how to actually tell you this. Ten years ago, or a little more I believe, there was a small group of very spiritually aware people in Turkey. They are quiet, and nobody knows about them. They have created something; or allowing something to come through them that mankind has never seen.

One of these men came forth from this group. He is 78 years old and looks and feels like he is about 40. You'd never know that he an older person. He gave something to the world. He gave a kind of water that mankind has never seen. He said, "Here, this is for the healing of the world".

They began to do research and they found that whenever they put this water in a polluted lake, or a polluted river, it would immediately, usually within 3 to 4 days, the whole lake or the whole river would go absolutely clean, the way it was 1000 years ago. Even the sediment and everything inside there. Nobody could believe it, but they had to believe it, because they could see it. They continued their research for 10 years.

In January 1999, which happens to be exactly during the time of the Egyptian window, when the angels told me that something new is going to emerge on Earth, they tried to get in contact with me. But I was too busy running around the world. They kept trying and trying and I kept saying "No, no, I can't do this, I don't have time". Finally, about three months ago, I still didn't have time, but I sent some of the people I work with to Florida to see if what they were saying is really true. These were people who were trained and could identify if this was something real or just an illusion. They could not believe it. They got on the phone with me, and they couldn't even talk. They were like children, they were so excited. They were just saying, "I can't believe this, it's really real". It actually is true!

The Demonstration Meeting

And so, I just came back from a meeting in Washington D.C., in a secret little room with the military, the Air Force, the army, the CIA, the FBI... (laughter,) all those guys, about 15 high, high level physicists and chemists from major corporations. I had to sign all of these documents that I would be careful about what I say. But they are letting me say what I can say, and it is good enough.

They first brought two big containers of polluted water. One of them smelled like sewage. It was brown, it was yucky, and it was about as bad as it can get. And they put it there. The second one was another kind of yellowish colored brown polluted water that smelled like gasoline and oil, and obviously had chemicals inside of it. It was hard to even get your nose into that either.

The presenter put them up high and said, "Now this is like a lake". He took about a teaspoonful of this water which he said was way more than was needed, but they wanted to get the results faster. He put a little teaspoonful of water in the murky water and stepped back so that there would be no influence. Very slowly, over two hours, we watched both of these waters, as the pollution slowly headed towards the bottom. What was above was the cleanest, clearest water you could imagine, until the pollution went all the way down at the bottom. There was nothing then, not even the sediment, and everything was down to absolutely clear water. This was very real!

He then took a little goldfish and he put it inside there so that it could swim around to show that if there were to be any chemicals or anything in there, it would die. After three hours, this little fish was still swimming. What is interesting is that the head of this whole project called me the next day and said, "You won't believe it. They took the fish out of the water and put it back into the aquarium downstairs. When they came in the next morning, the whole aquarium was clean". (laughter) The water went totally clean and clear.

Super-ionized Water

What is this water? All it is, is water with 3 extra electrons on the outer orbits. It is called super-ionized water. Again, all the scientists, the physicists and the chemists of the world who have been studying this for the past few years, have been keeping it secret. Not one of them, with all their credentials, can explain how it is happening. They don't know! They can't figure it out.

By studying the reaction of this water, there are some things I can't tell you. It appears as though this water possesses consciousness. It is "alive" and it "knows" what it is doing! It knows exactly what it is doing because it will go into one reaction, one chemical reaction and do one thing, and turn into another reaction with a similar kind of compound, do something else that could only have been done by consciousness.

You know that something is different about this water because, if you take an ordinary light bulb and cut the wire and put the two wires together, the light bulb will go on. If you stick those two wires in water which is a dielectric, nothing happen. It is not going to light the light bulb. But if you put the wires in super-ionized water, the light bulb comes on. No one has ever seen that before. That is impossible by everything we know. And there is a flow of electrical energy through the water that they are describing as liquid electrons.

This super ionized water came as a gift to the world. If you could only know what I know, and you could only see what I have seen!

Cleaning up of lzmit Bay

They went into lzmit Bay in Istanbul, Turkey. (Ed: In the talk, Drunvalo mentions Izrnit Bay, which is the one which has become clean and where fish have now returned) lzmit Bay was so polluted, it was the most polluted body of water on the planet. It looked like pure black oil. It was not water anymore, it was just black oil. They took two huge tanks, like swimming pools, and they filled them up with this black water. One was the control and the other was the experiment. They put a couple gallons of this super ionized water in these hundreds of thousands of gallons of this garbage water that was so bad, it was forming black bubbles on the surface. In less than a few hours, the pool went totally crystal clear and clean.

They then went to lzmit Bay, and the entire bay went clean. But unfortunately, they can't keep it that way because it has canals as big as this room (Ed: the talk was giving in a school gymnasium) with garbage being pumped into the bay constantly, which they are going to have to deal with, if they want to keep it clean.

The other interesting thing about this is, no matter what the polluted water is, no matter what is in it, it turns it to this crystal clean pure water, even balancing the pH perfectly to 7, no matter what it is, no matter what you started with. It has been done so many times now, they don't even have to look. They stick the paper and say: "Look, it is 7", without even thinking, because it automatically does it. The consciousness knows exactly what to do in that system and how to convert it back to perfection.

It also Works on Land and Soil

It is not only in water that it works, but the water works also on the earth and on the soil. They showed in the videos where you can take garbage, huge garbage dumps, that are constantly burning methane that won't stop burning and keeps on burning. They can spray this water on the garbage dumps, and instantaneously, everything is transformed. All of the hydrocarbons in there switch, turn over into fertilizer, and become organic in nature. They have no chemicals in it whatsoever, even though it came from chemicals. All of the smell of the garbage dump is gone, instantaneously, at the snap of a finger: It smells like roses. It smells clean again. The fires are immediately put out and can't start again.

They showed on the videos these places were all of these toxic stuff were put and everything within days, plants and vegetables start growing out of these toxic dumps. This is real. I'm not kidding, it's really real. It's hard to imagine that something like this can emerge under the earth, but it actually has.

Also Many Other Side Effects

There are many side effects that are super positive, and most of these, they won't let me talk to you about, because the financial "status quo" would be rocked to the very core. There are things that this water does that water normally can't do, and it does, right before their eyes, time and time again. It will have an impact on us that we can't quite imagine right now.

Just to give you one of the side effects that they are going to let out is about fires, forest fires, or oil fires, or any kind of fires, especially gasoline and oil which are almost impossible to put out. When the water comes in contact with these fires, it instantaneously puts them out, just like that. And you can't relight them. You can throw matches back onto them, on the gasoline immediately, and it won't relight because the water changes the gasoline into something else that can't burn. Regarding forest fires, if they spray it on burning forest fires, it instantly will put the fire out. On living trees, which is super good for the trees, they will not be able to burn for hours afterwards. So, it puts the fire out immediately, instantly. This is one of the side effects of this new water that we now have.

I really wish I could tell you what is going to come after this. (laughter).

Governments Are Doing Tests

Russia and eight other major countries of the world are now doing major research on this water. They're, all over the world, secretly putting this in polluted lakes and rivers that are just going clean right before their eyes. It is just amazing. You can take a bay, like San Francisco Bay, and in 4 days, you will be able to see 60 feet into the water, as though you were looking through water like this (Ed: Held up a glass of drinking water). And in two months, it will go all the way down even into the deep yucky sediment below, and turn it into proteins and amino acids and be crystal clear and clean. In two months! And this is where we are at. This is really incredible! (Clapping and cheering)

The Water Will Be Allowed to Be Released

What is even greater is that the world's governments are going to allow this to happen! (Clapping and cheering) Right before I was going to speak, I was talking with the United States Air Force, who could stop something like this very quickly for different reasons. They want it to happen! They want it to come out! And so do the various countries we are talking to around the world. The United Nations is involved with this also. Nobody can believe it. They don't know what to say about it other than it is a miracle, a planetary miracle happening right before us, right now!

Question: When?

Drunvalo: It's... (laughter) happening right now. Turkey was so excited about this, as a country, they built a 48 million-dollar installation to create this water. And they can now ship 100,000 tons of it a day anywhere in the world, and they are preparing to do this.

The countries we are now talking to all over the world are looking at it and want to be involved. They are cautiously wanting it, but they don't know how to proceed because nobody can explain it. (laughter) No chemist in the world can explain how this is doing what it does. You can't take oil and water and mix them together. Oil and water don't mix. But super-ionized water does; it mixes instantaneously.

So, something new has emerged on the Earth, and this is really important. I feel it because as you all know, I am deeply connected with the Taos Indians, the Hopi Indians & the Hopi prophecy. And the Hopi prophecy says that right before we move into the next level, to the fifth world from their point of view, the fourth dimension from our point of view, they talk about how the whole world becomes clean and clear the way it was thousands and thousands of years ago. The oceans, the rivers, the skies, everything, and we will have this clean world. It is the seeing of this world going clean, in a very rapid period of time that inspires the world to let go of their pain, and all that they have. (Clapping and cheering)

The Word Must Go Out

And so, after having said that, there are certain corporations in this world that are aware of this water who don't want to see this happen. Mostly oil companies, and I can't tell you why, (laughter) but we can't let this go from our memory. Do all the research you can. The name of the company that is forming this water is called Perfect Science out of Istanbul, Turkey.

Question: Is the founder of the company on the Internet?

Drunvalo: He is not on the Internet. He is just a humble, little beautiful person who has discovered something he is giving to the world. He is not truly a scientist. But he has now put on a suit, and he is working with the governments of the world, attempting to bring this out to the world. It will come out because, what you are really looking at is a very, very high level of consciousness emerging from this water. This is the beginning of what I knew would take place. I am very honored to be able to bring this to you. I really, really am. (Clapping, cheering, whistling.)

The Baptism of the Planet

Do you know in the Christian way of seeing baptism, you can only be baptized once, and it removes all sins. After that, you have to deal with each sin on your own, right?... As the come up. (laughter) Well, we are about to see the same thing.

And what is it really? God is present. God has always been here, He has never left us, He has always been with us, and we are the ones who have forgotten God. And God is now about to make Himself or Herself very obvious. (clapping and cheering) I love you everyone. Thank you. (End of Condensed Talk)

Question: Does it solve nuclear waste?

Drunvalo: Yes it does. (clapping and a collective sigh of relief)

It appears to work with almost everything. There are certain problems that they have not tested or are not sure of yet. The Turkish government is being very conservative in saying "This should heal at least 70-80% of all the pollution problems in the world". They are being conservative on this. And so, what this is going to do is buy us time.

Transcriber's Notes (Michel Foisy)

Drunvalo Melchizedek gave this talk on May 1st 99 at the Wesak celebration held at Mt. Shasta.

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