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A Vital, Breath of Fresh Air

Oxygen therapy is as old as life on earth.  We can go without food for weeks or even months and we can go without water for days.  But Oxygen? We can only go without oxygen for minutes.  We, and each and every one of our cells, need oxygen on a moment to moment basis.  It is the great sustainer of life.  It is the main fuel of our immune system.  No toxin can leave the body unless it is chemically bonded to oxygen.  Oxygen is what cures and heals all diseases.  Whatever therapy we use it is ultimately oxygen that “does the work”.

That’s why we breathe it every minute of our lives.  Everything that is good for us is aerobic; we love and strive in its presence.  Everything that is anaerobic; these things hate oxygen and cannot even survive, let alone strive, in its presence.  So the more oxygen there is around and inside you the better you will feel and the better life will be. 

For a variety of reasons we are not getting as much oxygen as we need these days.  Continued destruction of the rainforests; global air pollution on a massive scale; possibly your residential/work site; poor diet; inadequate exercise; alcohol; cigarettes; medical and recreational drugs; and shallow breathing. Cut if off quickly and you die quickly.  Cut it off slowly and you die slowly.  Gradually reduce it over a period of decades and you will gradually die over a period of decades.

This process which leads to the appearance of those aches, pains and states of un-ease or even dis-ease is called degeneration.  It’s logical and straightforward enough; if we limit the oxygen supply now we start degenerating now.  The bit we sometimes forget is that it may take anything from a day, a week, a year or even a decade before the consequences of this degeneration become apparent to us in the form of less than optimal states of health. 

In a high oxygen environment our metabolisms and digestive systems can process our food to give us our highest level of energy – the energy to live and the energy to fight off disease that we call a strong immune system.  Approximately 90% of our energy is created by oxygen.  All our activities from brain function to elimination are regulated and powered by oxygen.  Our ability to think, feel and act is derived from the basic energy supplied by oxygen.  Oxygen is our great sustainer and great cleanser.

If we haven’t got enough oxygen at cellular level not only do we feel tired and uninspired, our cells also begin to accumulate waste products faster than the body can remove them. This toxic back-up creates a favourable environment for the proliferation of pathogenic conditions which includes everything from the mildest irritation to the most severe, life threatening situations.  If however, the oxygen level around these anaerobic life forms is increased, they die.  Oxygen nourishes the good stuff whilst killing the bad stuff.

The less than optimal health that results from oxygen  deficiency can be addressed by supplementing our oxygen intake in a variety of ways.

Most powerful of these is rectal insufflation of a mixture of oxygen and its more powerful sibling ozone.  There are numerous cases of reversal of HIV using this protocol and those who offer it claim a percentage success rate in the high nineties.

Powerful though this is, you may be relieved to hear that there are more user-friendly ways of getting more oxygen into your body.  Many companies offer drops – usually called Stabilised Oxygen – to add to water that can increase your oxygen levels.  A more advanced version of this is Oxygen Elements PlusTM  which converts some of your body’s water into its components of hydrogen and oxygen.

Most powerful of all is the capsules known as OxCgenTM which release a mixture of oxygen and ozone into the digestive tract.  This allows not only the digestive system to be cleansed and detoxified but also allows the potent mixture of oxygen and ozone to be absorbed by the so-called lung of the colon and thus dispersed throughout the entire body.

Oxy-MoxyTM is an amazing product that allows the blood to collect more oxygen when it gets to the lungs.  It provides equal oxygen to that of a cylinder of medical oxygen.

Using the above three products synergistically will increase your oxygen intake, thereby assisting your body with its energy levels, immune system function and cleansing.

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