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Fountainhead Uplifting Protection Spray harnesses the magical properties of water’s ability to hold memories


“Water is H2O;  hydrogen two parts, oxygen one, but there is also a third thing, that makes it water and nobody knows what it is.” DH Lawrence (1885-1930)  This simple structure belies the extraordinary and unique properties of water.


There are more sublime aspects to water which are in recent times gaining more and more interest and recognition. Much is known about the basic properties of water but very little was understood or known about the subtler, energetic properties of water until now.  These may seem revolutionary to many but are also scientifically based.

Researchers in Japan have discovered that water is “alive” and conscious and responds to many external influences such as different types of music, the words we utter, and even the thoughts we think.  In his book “The Message from Water”, Dr Masaru Emoto shows photographs of the effects of ideas, words and music upon water molecules.  Photos from his book of published results show a frozen water sample taken from the lake at Fujiwara Dam, in Japan.  Prior to treatment the water's structure is dark and amorphous, with no crystalline formations.  The same water sample photographed after the Reverend Kato Hoki, chief priest of the Jyuhouin Temple, made a one-hour prayer practice beside the dam shows an intricate crystalline snowflake-like structure and is representative of how our thoughts and prayers can affect the actual molecular structure of water.1


The basic property of water as a universal storage medium of vibrational energy allows it to be used for a variety of therapeutic uses such as homeopathic remedies, flower essences, and gem elixirs where in many instances none of the molecular structure of the actual plant, flower or gem is found in the remedy and thus its healing ability is said to come from water’s ability to hold the vibrational memory of the plant, flower or gem.3


Fountainhead Upliftment Protection Spray has been infused with the colours purple and magenta which are high vibrational colours. It is these high vibrations which gives it its ability for purification. It is effective to use for purification and detoxification and is also  known for neutralizing EMF radiation from computers and cell phones. It is beneficial to balancing the polarities of the body and opening the crown chakra and pineal gland. 


The precious liquid has also been infused with with the flower essence vibration of lavender and rosemary, the essence of diamond, sacred geometry, light and colour - and is lightly scented with geranium oil which gives an immediate lift to the atmosphere.2 The back of the label facing the liquid holds messages further potentizing the water.


At a cellular level it strengthens, harmonizes and purifies the energy field when sprayed around one’s self top to toe or around the energy field. Spray around when using a computer, or cell phone; when someone “heavy or draining” enters or leaves your space (ie spray them out!), great for practitioners and therapists to use before a new client enters a healing space, prior to yoga or meditation for enhanced concentration and relaxation or when you just want to feel uplifted and at peace!


1 Dr Masaru Emoto “Messages from Water”

2 www.holistic-online.com/color/color purple

3 Richard Gerber “Vibrational Medicine”



You  can drink “living water” as you can re-energise your drinking water by drinking it at a cool temperature, near 4ºC is optimal as this is when it is densest and has the best carrying ability. You can also give it a good swirl with a spoon and allow it to reform its natural vortex structure before swallowing it down. You can improve its quality with a little ritual of taking the glass between the palms of your hands and asking your higher self to work with the water and whatever you need for your highest good. And you can even energise water with the colour vibration you need by placing the water in a glass of that colour or surrounding the glass with a paper of that colour and letting the glass of water become solarised by being in the sun for the whole day, example: drinking a glass of solarised  red water would be great to encourage vitality, creativity and for healing of blood disorders.

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