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Make everyday a good vibes day
Do you sit behind a computer most days, often feeling tired or drained? Is your day full of meetings, or sharing office space with colleagues? Do to travel for your business, spend long hours in a car or plane? Do you often stay in hotels? Do you have people around you that make you feel a little flat, or that drain you of your energy? Do you spend a lot of time chatting on your mobile phone?

All these activities affect your energy and vibration, and over time, you can start to feel lethargic, and flat, as you absorb low level electromagnetic frequencies daily from computers and cell phones. Not to mention absorbing the energy of others, and never quite being in your own space and energy. And with noise and environmental pollution added to this, we have quite a cocktail of mixed vibrations.

Imagine being able to clear your energy of many of these “mixed vibrations”, and enjoy each day to the fullest. Well, now you can, with the Fountainhead Uplifting Protection Spray, turning each day into a good vibes day. This magical spray will get you through the day feeling clear headed and enjoying your work and office environment, and still have the energy to come home and enjoy your social life.

The Fountainhead Uplifting Protection Spray offers protection from modern day stresses such as noise, electromagnetic radiation from computers, cell phones and pollution. It absorbs radiation. It is also a powerful psychic protection spray, used to clear your personal space from the energies of others as it strengthens and harmonizes the electromagnetic field.

This delightful spray is made with the flower essence vibration of lavender and rosemary, the essence of diamond, sacred geometry, light and colour, and absorbs the light of magenta, and purple which are powerful colours against radiation. It is also lightly scented with geranium essential oil. The Fountainhead Uplifting Protection Spray will uplift, sooth and energize you, and give you the feeling of being immersed in a wonderful gentle waterfall as these spray frequencies clear your energy and stabilize the sensory system and central nervous system.

While this may sound very “esoteric” the famous Dr Masaru Emoto in his research The Messages From Water has definitely proven, that water as the basis of life is susceptible to vibrational influence and strongly affects our daily well-being.

As per Dr Emoto’s work, this spray bottle holds within it a powerful cleansing and uplifting memory which when sprayed is released for your benefit.

Spray around the head area when you feel lethargic and when using a computer, or cell phone; when someone “heavy or draining” enters or leaves your space or when you just want to feel uplifted and at peace! You will truly feel the difference.

Also perfect for the home and the children; and for therapists and clients alike.

Enjoy the enhanced relaxation and harmonizing effects of the Fountainhead Uplifting Protection Spray. We provide real solutions to good vibes so you can enjoy Life to the full!

The Fountainhead

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