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Pomegranate’s Restorative Powers
Now Available in a local dietary supplement – Fountainhead CardioFlow

Many people remember having a pomegranate tree in the garden but almost no one has one now or is able to get hold of this elusive, super fruit.  Whilst pomegranates are very healthy they can also be expensive and difficult to find.  CardioFlow is an inexpensive and convenient way to get all the health benefits of the fruit everyday. By taking the supplement which contains 500mg of pomegranate fruit extracts that provide the health producing soluble polyphenols – and particularly pomegranate ellagic acid in two vegetarian capsules. “This provides health care professionals with encapsulated extracts as an alternative to the juice both for diabetic patients and those wishing to use a more concentrated form of pomegranate for prevention of cardiovascular disease.”3 It has a Nappi code: 706848-001 and may be claimed from medical aid.

Polyphenols are powerful antioxidants,  from phytochemicals or plant chemicals that are compounds that limit cell damage by neutralizing oxidants  and preventing disease and ageing in the body. The fruit also contains tannins and anthocyanins which have protective effects on the arterial wall.

CardioFlow comes to the market supported by a vast amount of scientific data as to the health-giving properties of pomegranate.

Research on the results of pomegranate has found that it may protect against cardiovascular disease. “In this experimental study, we have established that polyphenols and other natural compounds contained in pomegranate juice may retard atherogenisis (hardening of the arteries)” says Professor Claudio Napoli and it has shown to reduce fatty deposits on artery walls1 and protects against LDL (low-density lipo-protein) oxidation4.  Pomegranate has also been shown to reduce blood vessel damage1, to decrease systolic blood pressure3, reduce cell damage, slow cartilage deterioration from osteoarthritis5, and pomegranate may prevent prostate cancer, slow its growth or prevent the return of cancer after prostate surgery.6

Pomegranate reduces the effects of stress on the human blood vessel cells by stimulating the production of nitric oxide.  The chemical is thought to help keep arteries open and keep blood flowing. As pomegranate is the fruit with the highest antioxidant content1 it is beneficial against hardening of the arteries.

Neither grape juice nor red wine has been shown to improve myocardial ischemia in humans who have coronary heart disease whereas pomegranate does.2

The luscious red fruit is listed as a “rainbow food” in Dr Nicholas Perricone’s book “The Perricone Promise” which is about looking younger and living longer. In his chapter on “rainbow foods – A spectrum of healthy colors”,  he discusses the science behind antioxidants as gifts from nature and explains that plant pigments contain powerful disease-preventative phytonutrients.

In the mythology of ancient Babylonia, pomegranate enjoyed an elevated stature among foods; and its consumption was associated with longevity and strength. The facts now prove this to have been wise.

CardioFlow is available through pharmacies and health shops and is a Fountainhead product Tel: 011 875-7560 Please contact them or go to their website for futher information www.thefountainhead.co.za .

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The Perricone Promise, Dr N Perricone ISBN 0-316-72996-5 pages 39-40 and 53


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