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Beta Glucan...

“The Safe, Natural, Easy to Use
Patch "...Perhaps the Greatest Immune-Enhancing Supplement Known to Man"

Fountainhead Detox Patches contain:
Organic Agaricus Semotus Mushroom from Brazil

Beta Glucan and Polysacchides contained in the Agaricus mushroom are known as one of the most powerful enhancing agents for the immune system. AAO certification proves the quality of our special Agricus mushroom. These organic mushrooms are naturally grown under powerful sunlight in the fertile red clay of Brazil without any artificial agents. Beta Glucan is known as a potent factor in natural cancer control. It is a steroid that has been used to assist in the regulation of cancer cells and is exceptional source of vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

Many clients want to know why when the use our patches their blood sugar levels drop, or they were feeling fluey and the day after it’s gone completely and the Beta Glucan is one other factor in the detox patch story.

Beta glucan is unknown to a majority of the general public. Many health researchers consider it to be one of the most effective immune enhancing substances ever discovered.

Beta glucan is considered an external immunomodulator. External immunomodulators are substances that have been shown to modify the immune systems response to a threat upon it. It modulates and potentiates the macrophage (white blood cells), keeping them in a highly prepared state for any threat our immune system may encounter. With this balancing effect, all subsequent immune responses improve. When your immune system is in this highly prepared state, the invading organisms do not have the time to build up force and strength before the immune system attacks, destroys and/or weakens the invader. For many years Glucans have been investigated for these immune enhancing properties, particularly their ability to activate macrophage immune cells and NK-Cells, plus in turn, the T-Cells, and B-Cells including selected cytokines and complement.

Beta glucan has over 1,600 general research papers ranging across 40 years. A majority of this health related research has been completed at some of the most prestigious institutions in the world, including Harvard Medical School, Tulane University, National Cancer Institute, Department of Defense and the Department of Agriculture, just to name a few. These studies have been performed on literally every health condition / disease known to humanity, and time and time again it has proven itself to be second to none. It has also been shown to provide beneficial effects in the sports / athletic health fitness field.

(1,3;1,4)-beta-D-glucans are polysaccharides (dietary fiber components) with great health benefits. They play an important role in the prevention and treatment of human diseases such as high serum cholesterol and cardiovascular disease, obesity, and non–insulin-dependent diabetes. ß-D-glucans have also anti-cancer effect and are able to activate the immune system.

Just another good reason to use Fountainhead Detox Patches both the Chi and Heat contain Agaricus Semotus Mushroom Beta Glucans.

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