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Soak your pain away!


Hydrotherapy is an ancient science that provides a simplistic and beneficial home remedy. All you need is a bath tub or foot bath.  Bathing in hydrotherapy baths is a low cost health care maintenance option that provides not only physical benefits, but is also a treat for your soul. 

The hydrotherapy bath is a valuable system for healing and rehabilitation treatments recognized to possess the following benefits in modern medical texts:

  • Increases the circulation throughout the body.
  • Softens connective tissue, increases collagen extensibility and decreases joint pain.
  • Relief from muscle pain.
  • Relief from muscle spasms and cramps.
  • Resolve skin eruptions, exudates, and oedema.
  • Stimulates elimination of toxins from the cells into the bloodstream and through the skin.
  • Reduces nervous stress.
  • Stimulates the immune system.
  • Stimulates vital organ chemistry.
  • Promotes relaxation, rest, and recovery.

Your skin is an excretive organ that mirrors the condition of your intestines. When you take a mineral bath, the minerals penetrate your skin in form of ions. This stimulation will cause natural cell growth in your living cell layers. Bio-energetic weak points will be balanced and your body's energy flow will be activated. While anyone can benefit from a mineral bath, it is particularly soothing for those with:

·         Various skin diseases.

·         Rheumatism and joint diseases.

·         A post-operative care regimen.

·         Gynaecological diseases.

·         Recurring infections

·         Severe insect bites, blisters or wounds.

·         Skin irritations from poison oak, ivy or sumac.

To get the full benefits of a therapeutic natural crystal salt bath, such as Fountainhead Healing Bath  the right concentration is critical.

·         Since a full tub normally takes from 100 to 120 litres  water, at least  500grams of Healing Bath should be used (remember this is for therapeutic reasons, rather take less Healing Baths and use 500g ie bath once a week and use a full box rather than use half a box twice for two baths)

·         To avoid using body energy to balance the temperature, the water should be approximately 37° Celsius.

·         Do not use any bath additives, soaps, or oils. As this changes the electrical and ion make-up of the water

·         Your bath should last at least 12-15  minutes.

·         Do not shower off, simply dry off with a towel.

·         After your  bath, you should rest for at least 30 minutes.

A note of caution: Do not take baths if you have high blood pressure or a heart or kidney condition. And remember, the information above is intended for general reference purposes only. It is not a substitute for professional medical advice or a medical exam. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health professional before starting any new treatment.

Why Bathing in Magnesium Sulphate is so Healing

Dr Rosemary H Waring found that many people have a low ability to absorb sulphate across the gut wall. Because of an inability to convert compounds to sulfate they have problems handling environmental chemicals, some medications, and even some chemicals produced within the body. These include people with conditions such as Autism, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, rheumatoid arthritis, and chemical sensitivities.  She found these  conditions have a deficiencies in key detoxification pathways involving the use of sulfur in the form of sulfate (known as sulfation). The enzyme involved is phenol sulfur-transferase (PST).   The problem is thought to hinge on an inadequate supply of usable sulfate ions; not the metabolic enzyme itself.


If the sulfation pathway is not functioning well, a person may not be able to process out the phenolic compounds as fast as they consume them. There is a cumulative effect. When the phenols start backing up in the system, it can cause a myriad of negative reactions. Symptoms of phenol intolerance include night waking, night sweats, irritability, eczema, and other skin conditions. The symptoms of phenol intolerance and yeast may be very similar because they both involve the body trying to deal with toxins.


You can assist in repairing and preventing the damage in two ways. One is reducing the amount of phenols and toxins entering the body.  The second is to enhance the detoxification process by supplying more sulfate. Sulfate increases the amount of toxins broken down and removed. Sulfate ions may not be absorbed well from the gut, so simply giving more sulfur directly by swallowing supplements may not produce satisfactory results.


Magnesium Sulphate/Epsom Salts contains magnesium sulphate salts.  Salts are molecules that form when the parts have opposite electrical charges that bind together. Magnesium has a positive charge. Sulfate has a negative charge. The two elements break apart and separate in water.

Inversely, magnesium and sulfate in the salts are readily absorbed into the body through the skin. Because the sulfur is already in sulfate form, it does not need to be converted as other forms of sulfur do.  The sulphate assists the body in reduction of swelling, lymph drainage, breakdown and elimination of toxins.


Soaking after 12 minutes increases both the magnesium and sulphate plasma levels of the blood.  Magnesium is involved in more than 300 chemical reactions in the body including electrolyte function, calcium absorption, and assisting enzymes in breaking down of food. 


A lack of magnesium has been associated with such conditions as ADD/ADHD, alzheimers disease, autism, chronic fatigue syndrome, food allergy, headaches, and depression.


In a study volunteers who bathed in Magnesium Sulphate for 7 days consecutively commented that their rheumatic pains were no longer present.1


It has been found that magnesium sulphate  is helpful during pregnancy for the formation of placenta, foetus, to relief pelvic discomfort, swelling in feet, episiotomy, and prevention of pre-eclampsia, 4



Fountainhead Healing Bath contains magnesium sulphate as well as  chamomile, ginger, and rosemary which add synergistically to the healing benefits experienced.


Ginger is an anti-inflammatory, and assists in perspiration; Chamomile helps ease joint pain has an antispasmodic effect on the body’s smooth muscles, helps to relieve haemorrhoids and cystitis; helps to calm irritated tissue such as burns, eczema, ulcers, infections and rashes, it is also very calming for restless children and aids sleep.  Rosemary is of value as a tonic for elderly people with weak circulation, particularly after debilitating illness. It improves circulation and strengthens fragile blood vessels.  It is used to treat rheumatism, sores, eczema, bruises and wounds and to ease muscular pain, sciatica, and neuralgia. Also has antibacterial, antifungal and antimicrobial properties.


Healing Bath superbly  relaxes stressed or hyperactive children, and improves sleep patterns. In Autism and Downs Syndrome it is also beneficial due to their inability to absorb sulfur through the gut.It is useful in cases of sciatica, lumbago, rheumatism, diabetes, neuritis, cold, catarrh, kidney disorders and other uric acid and skin affections.


And after all that a Healing Bath also feels soothing, leaves your skin feeling smooth, and you float in an array of dried chamomile petals.  The fragrance is fresh and leaves the whole house smelling  wonderfully fragrant!



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Get acquainted with your bath tub and you will discover

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