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Natural Monatomic Minerals
Natural Monatomic Minerals are not dietary supplements within the context of providing nutritional support to the physical body. Rather their modality of operation within the body seems to be totally electromagnetic and the energy they emit enhances the natural intrinsic vibration of every cell.

Monatomic minerals were discovered by David Hudson and scientists from the Academy of Metallurgical Studies of the Soviet Union in 1992. They are single-state atomic structures that do not have an outer electron valence like minerals in the metallic state. Monatomic minerals are such a small particle structure that hey are invisible to the naked eye. And since the balance electrons in monatomic minerals are not available, they are not detected with conventional spectrometry. Monatomic minerals are most abundant in volcanic ash and specific locations where geologists believe meteorites have fallen thousands of years ago.

The two most significant characteristics of monatomic minerals that attract the most scientific interest are that they are superconductors at room temperature and that they have a negative gravitational force. They actually weigh less than weightlessness. Many monatomic researchers believe that these monatomic elements are the same as what is referred to in many ancient documents as White Gold, Manna, or the Philosopher’s Stone. For those who have further interest in the subject two books by Sir Laurence Gardner, Lost Secrets of the Sacred Arc and the Shadow of Solomon delve into the history of these substances and correlate their historic properties with the purported properties of monatomic gold.

The monatomic minerals on this website – Aulterra, Etherium Gold and Chamae Rose Black Walnut are from natural trace mineral deposits from an ancient seabed that appear to have high monatomic mineral activity. Their modality on the body is electromagnetic, rather than biochemical. Therefore they affect the well being of the mind and emotions more so than the physical body.