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Click on a link below to view the research and testimonials on various therapies ...

Acid-Alkaline Balanced Diet
Agricus Semotus Mushroom Beta Glucans
A Message about Fluoride
The Brain has the ability to repair itself
Benefits of Hydrotherapy
Breast Examination
CardioFlow -
The Benefits of Pomegranate
(.pdf document - 1.3 megs)
CardioFlow - Pomegranate’s Restorative Powers
Detox Patches
Coping with Stress
Detox Quiz - Is toxicity your problem?
Detox - Why a gentle detox with Fountainhead  Chi Detox Patches?
Dr. Hulda Clark's Zapper
Energy Clearing
Etherium Gold
Female Case Study: Wood Element
Fountainhead Chi Detox Patches
Fountainhead Healing Baths
Harness Water's Magic
Heart Chakra Meditation
Heart Disease Prevention
How Heat Alleviates pain
How Patches Stimulate Reflexes
Good Vibrations
Male Case Study: Wood Element
Magnesium Deficiency Causes Cancer Risk
(.pdf document - 50KB)
Magnesium The Key to Life
(.pdf document - 60KB)
Morris Fishbein
How Bio Frequencies can help you
Healing Baths
Natural Monatomic Minerals
Natural remedy muscle and join pain relief
Natural Vs Synthetic Vitamins
Nourishing the Energy Body
Oxygen Therapy
Parasites Cause Illness
Phenylethanoid Glycosides on the Mitomycin C Induced DNA Strand Breakage
(.pdf document - 1.8 megs)
Pomegranate Review Scientific Results
(.pdf document - 70KB)
Pomegranate Enriches blood
Pomegranates Natural Med JuneJuly 2007
(.pdf document - 440KB)
Pomegranate and Prostate Cancer
Pomegranate and PSA Levels
Oestrogen & Progesterone Imbalances
Oxygen Therapy
Reverse the effects of Ageing
Sacred Water
Sanpaku Eyes
Sources of Toxins
Symptoms of Magensium Deficiency
The Hidden Dangers of Water
The Human Tree
Treating Infertility
Treating Back Problems
Treating Breast Cancer
Uplifting Protection Spray
The Waterwell (Jupiter waterfilter/ionizer)
Zapping Disease Odyssey AprilMay2007
(.pdf document - 340KB)
The Fountainhead

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