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Colloidal DNA Boost

slows cellular degeneration

“When DNA resonates at it’s optimal frequency, it is a dance no disease can dance to”

A Breakthrough in Colloidal Technology
Harmonic Inneprizes has developed an evolutionary line of colloid products that operate from a completely different modality than traditional colloids. While other colloidal products affect the body through mineral absorption into the blood system, our advances colloidal technology affects the body through an electro-magnetic vibration. The minerals are not absorbed into the body, they impart a frequency that goes through the body and initiates the desired effect.

By balancing the mineral elements into precise ratios, electromagnetic frequencies are created that resonate with the bioelectric systems of the body. In physics, energy supersedes all matter. By working with the energies of the body, we are, in essence, making adjustments that govern the biophysical, biochemical realities of the physical body.

Colloidal DNA Boost
The quality of health one experiences in life is dependant on many factors. Diet, exercise, and a positive mental attitude that reduces stress all contribute to a long and healthy life.

But there is another factor that, up until recently, was thought to be a preconditioned, unmovable element. That is our genetic structure within the DNA of our cells. It is this genetic information that paints the over all condition of the health we experience.

Colloidal DNA Boost is programmed to a frequency that nurtures the natural oscillatory pattern of DNA. The pattern produces radiant energy that helps extend the life of the cell. This is the core of our essence. This is the primal vibration of life. When DNA is engulfed in its natural electromagnetic field, a pure state of health can exist and only then can we experience our highest potential.
  • Colloidal DNA Boost is perfect to take once a year as a tune-up.
  • Take during periods of fasting and cleansing.
  • In weakened states of health.
  • Colloidal DNA Boost is an excellent adjunct for any therapy that requires optimal DNA function
  • It helps the body slow cellular degeneration
Take one per day prior to bed time until strength is returned.

Colloidal DNA Boost contains gold, silver, rhodium, iridium, platinum, chromium and vanadium in siliconized water base. These elements are NOT absorbed into the body. They are formulated to create a specific electromagnetic frequency that stimulates DNA.

7 Evolutionary Advancements
  1. 99.999% pure minerals are electrostatically prepared into ultra fine, positively charged colloid particles that stay in suspension. These particles are 7,000 times smaller than red blood cells.
  2. The negative electrical charge of the intestines allows the positively charged colloidal particles to pass through without being absorbed by the body. Completely non-toxic.
  3. Promotes healing through electromagnetic harmonic frequencies, not biochemical action.
  4. The de-ionized water medium is electronically charged with the composite frequency of the 54 mineral elements known to be necessary for normal DNA function.
  5. Each product is formulated to a specific resonant frequency to allow the body to heal itself.
  6. Allows t he body to heal itself naturally, stimulated by the specific resonant frequencies in the product.
100% safe and effective. Only 1 dropper before bedtime for general health maintenance.

Proprietary Blend:

Gold, Silver, Iridium, Rhodium
Platinum, Chromium, Vanadium 2.4 ppm†
Silica 500 ppm†

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Colloidal DNA Boost
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