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Colloidal Defense 2 oz. (59ml)

The most effective Colloidal Silver product

Highly effective natural anti-microbial

Colloidal Defense - Assists the immune system to increase t-cell production, the body's first line of defense against outside pathogens.
A Breakthrough in Colloidal Technology
Harmonic Inneprizes has developed an evolutionary line of colloid products that operate from a completely different modality than traditional colloids. While other colloidal products affect the body through mineral absorption into the blood system, our advances colloidal technology affects the body through an electro-magnetic vibration. The minerals are not absorbed into the body, they impart a frequency that goes through the body and initiates the desired effect.

By balancing the mineral elements into precise ratios, electromagnetic frequencies are created that resonate with the bioelectric systems of the body. In physics, energy supersedes all matter. By working with the energies of the body, we are, in essence, making adjustments that govern the biophysical, biochemical realities of the physical body.

Colloidal Defense
Blood analysis with dark field microscopy proves beyond any doubt that Colloidal Defense is effective against L-Form and rod form bacteria, streptococcus, candida albicans, and all placque forming micro-organisms in the mouth.

Colloidal Defense is programmed with the same electro-magnetic frequency of bone marrow. This induces the immune system to produce T-cells, the body’s first line of defense against outside pathogenic micro-organisms. Creating conditions for the body to heal itself is the foundation to true holistic medicine.

Colloidal Defense may be used internally, as well as externally. Take internally once before bedtime to keep your immune system at peak levels for maximum protection against colds and flues. Use externally to speed healing of cuts and scrpaes. Very effective for eye infections. Completely safe.

Colloidal Defense is a highly effective natural anti-microbial. Unlike many other colloidal silver products that contain excessively high levels of silver, Colloidal Defense contains only 2.4ppm of a gold-silver combination. It is electromagnetically formulated to the specific frequency of bone marrow which produces T-cells, the body's first line of defense of outside pathogens, such as; foreign bacteria, viruses, candida and parasites. Therefore, since it stimulates the body's own natural defenses, it is more multifaceted than conventional colloidal silver products that are normally only effective against bacteria.

Dark field microscopy blood analysis shows that Colloidal Defense is effective in:
  • Helping the body eliminate Candida albacans from the blood and tissues
  • Removing rod-form and L form bacteria in the blood, which includes streptococcus
  • Eliminating pathogenic micro-organisms from the mouth
  • Bringing relief to eye infections
Proprietary Blend:

Silver, Gold 4.5ppm† Silica 500ppm†

100% Safe and Effective
May be used safely during pregnancy and for children of any age

2 droppers daily at bed time for complete health maintenance. Acute conditions see label

No Stabilizers or dyes
Harmonic Innerprizes uses absolutely not stabilizes or dyes in any of their products.

It is completely a non-toxic, colloidal silver-type supplement and safe for even small children.

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Colloidal Defense
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